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  1. interesting tht drilling mode, but i was not sure about the succes of, like tht more air pass from the fan but usually to force the air to pass completly inside the sistem will have better effect, strange... but interesting
  2. i read some where on other forum that some user been able to install a 680m, but out of the bios stuff some chassis modification are needed to since the card is longer.
  3. that's look interesting, i wanted to add bluetooth to my aptop to
  4. hi everyone, i wanted to get a new gaming pc, and possible i will get the component and assembly by my self,but i still didn't decided if go for an ital based sistem or amd. so i wanted to ask for some suggestion for what can be better. i been looking a bit for componet and i think the base from bought side can be: intel : i7 9700 or i9 9900 with a 2070 super nvidia grafic card, and i was thinking to get a gigabyte designare mother board amd: ryzen 7 3700x or ryzen 9 3900x with rx5700 and still have no idea about the mother board any suggestion? thanks
  5. that bios look great, i will try to download it and apply to my g75 when i will be able to download stuff from here, i'm trying to do different stuff for revive my laptop, since 2 month look's like my grafic card is death, and to find a new 1 in 2019 look relly difficut, and any way to expensive for a 7 years old notebook, so also be able to disable the video card and use integrated 1 maybe will be good, at least for can continue to use this pc instead of disassembly and sell the component.
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