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  1. Hi All, Can anybody give me the link for latest IdeaFan, I am not able to find any download link ...Thanks in advance.!!
  2. I have gone through some thread which are saying they were not able to control the speed with third-party software because of locked out BIOS option, only custom BIOS can enable them...is that correct ? Also Lenovo Y700 have the lenovo software "Lenovo nerve sense" which enable them to control fan speed, but that software requires a BIOS update which is not available in my model.........Is there any way you can help to do so ?
  3. Hi Kelm, Thanks for your prompt reply. I would like to unlock all possible feature in my BIOS. Please find the below link for the result: https://www.sendspace.com/file/lusd1p The primary purpose of the unlocking is the control my laptop fan speed for gaming (it's heating up up-to 80 degree celsius while gaming ), I would like to have your suggestion in these points, If its advisable to control the fan speed this way, or other better way possible ? In case I am not able to control the fan speed, I would like to revert the BIOS to its existing version, is it possible ? And after you provide me the file how to install them ? sorry If I am asking any stupid question, I dont have much knowledge in this regard. Thanks in advance.!!
  4. Hi Kelm, I need to unlock my bios for Lenovo Y50-70, can you please help me how to do that ? All people are sharing some files, but I dont know what to share with you ...Thanks in advance.
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