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  1. A single 650m at stock frequencies will struggle a bit nowadays. For example, my Y500 has two, and playing Battletech on the lowest settings in 720p was getting me around 30-40 fps. You shouldn't have any issues playing Source engine games, though (i.e. CSGO).
  2. 161... Have had my account since 06 if I remember right.
  3. Hi, I'm Sykriss, and I'm primarily here to flash the BIOS of my Y500 to a modified version so I can overclock my GPUs past their factory 135MHz limit.
  4. Thank you so much man! Successfully updated from 1.05 to 2.02 then 2.04. I have my bootable disk ready, however I just realized that the package I downloaded did not include "y500-y400-sli-650m-". Is there any way you could PM me a link to that?
  5. Grab MSI Afterburner and see what you can do.
  6. See title. I wanted to pay the six dollars to skip the week-long account promotion process, simply so I could download a six year old bios file, but the page appears to be broken and no dialogs appear.
  7. So I have spent the last four hours scouring the internet trying to find the 2.02 update file as I have 1.05 and need to update to flash a modified BIOS. Turns out that the ONLY place to find it is in the file pack linked by OP, however obviously new users cannot download attachments without the whole five posts, approved by moderators, account promotion blah blah blah. In an attempt to save time, I tried to pay the six dollars for the Elite membership on the site so I could download it, but guess what? The page seems to be broken and I cannot add a new card to pay with. Can someone PLEASE PM me a link to the 2.02 update? I have the 2.04 but cannot use it without updating to 2.02 first. Please! Thank you so much!
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