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  1. Most of the tweaks. Not all since it's 1. not my primary hard drive and I haven't reformated the computer before. and 2. Its a review unit so I will HAVE to return it sometime. Still, I'm sure I can get higher scores if I did the two things above. Not bad though.
  2. Sup peeps. Here's my test results (I submitted it in the results column already) but here's a pic. It's a OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD running off my M17x r2. Hm, EDIT: Managed to push it a little more in the next two runs. The only problem is that my CPU is at 100% now, and does not slow down :S
  3. Pretty much what I did. However, when trying to manually update drivers, just tell's me that they are up to date. Damn drivers. I always install on normal, sweep on safe. I used Crap Cleaner, Driver Sweeper, AND Windows Install Clean Up on safe mode. Restart, then check to see if there is any more AMD stuff (there is not). My drivers look like this now - Drivers on Twitpic And this is what I get when I try to manually install the display drivers from the new files - VGA Fail on Twitpic Trying to do the whole process on TOP of the clean sweep (as in install the package automatically) results in a fail.
  4. My bad, I should have stated that I have already done that move. And am now trying to force them to install manually, but nothing works. (it says standard vga for both cards yes, although both icons have a yellow triange with the black exclamation mark next to the icon)
  5. 1st - Uninstall program through control panel (express uninstall everything). 2 - Restart comp and go into safe mode 3 - Use driver sweeper to clear away any remaining AMD/ATI files. 4 - Use Crap Cleaner to remove registry errors 5 - (optional step I used 2nd/3rd time around when it didnt worK) Use Windows Install Clean up to remove any AMD/CCC files 5 - Restart 6 - Try to install new drivers through autorun from latest update. Other option provided to me was (by Brian): You have to force the driver -go back into device manager (done) -select the default display (done) -update driver (done) -then manual update (done) -then point to the directory the driver is located (done) and find the inf file (done, but here's where I get stuck! Basically I navigated to the W76A_INF file within the new drivers folder to find the drivers, and when I opened that folder within the manual update, it bloody told me the drivers were already up to date! FML) -it will ask if u wanna install unsigned driver -choose yes and ur done -then reboot -rerun installer and install CCC + other
  6. Hi all,I'm hoping someone can help me hear as I'm having IMMENSEproblems with these stupid driver updates. (stuck on old drivers from last year,8.763 or something) - Was trying to install AMD Catalysts 8.93MethodsTried: -Straight Install over previous drivers (failed) -Uninstall drivers(express uninstall) and try to install after (failed) -Go into safe mode, usedriver sweeper to clear any AMD drivers after uninstall (failed) -Throwcomputer through AMD's HQ windows (Planning has started).Below is thelatest report from when I tried to install drivers - Quote: Catalyst™ Install Manager Installation Report 11/28/1118:30:50 Hardware informationName AMD Radeon Graphics Processor Manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Device ID 0x68a0Vendor ID0x1002Class Code 0x030000Revision ID 0x00Subsystem ID 0x043a Subsystem vendor ID 0x1028Other hardware ExistingpackagesMicrosoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packages forinstall AMD APP SDK RuntimeFinal Status: SuccessVersion of Item:10.0.848.1Size: 90 MbytesAMD Display DriverFinal Status: Fail Version of Item: 8.930.0.0000Size: 90 MbytesHDMI Audio DriverFinalStatus: FailVersion of Item: 1 MbytesCatalystControl CenterFinal Status: SuccessVersion of Item: 2011.1118.1246.22742 Size: 150 MbytesOther detected devicesAMD Radeon GraphicsProcessorManufacturer Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Device ID 0x68a0 Vendor ID 0x1002Class Code 0x030000Revision ID 0x00SubsystemID 0x043aSubsystem vendor ID 0x1028Manufacturer Advanced MicroDevices, Inc.Device ID 0xaa58Vendor ID 0x1002Class Code 0x040300 Revision ID 0x00Subsystem ID 0x043aSubsystem vendor ID 0x1028 Error messagesDriver Install: Windows® version does not supportthis operationDriver Install: Windows® version does not support thisoperationDriver Install: Windows® version does not support this operation Driver Install: Windows® version does not support this operation Any ideas?
  7. Ah Glen Waverley, so east burb, just passed chaddy
  8. Which suburb you in? PM if you don't want all the stalkers to know lol. I'm too scared shitless of ruining system by building them myself, why I never do it. No matter how capable I actually am at it.
  9. Who makes good systems in melbourne? Builds with either pre-bought components, or you can buy from them?
  10. Pretty good pricing mate. I'd personally prefer to go the 6990 route, probably get 4gb for the price of your 2 580's lol (not quite.. but you get the point I'm making!)
  11. Nice build mate, I'm also looking at building a monster desktop for me (no where near as good as yours though lol). How much did that setup cost you?
  12. It shouldn't make a difference, I've called from Australia before, I always use skype.. they can never tell that ways anwyays.. and best of all on Skype.. you can ACTUALLY call the toll free number in the usa from Dell.. for Free!
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