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  1. I have an old Cooler Master Notepal Color Infinite. I got it for my Acer 5739g which got pretty toasty but now I'm using it with my Lenovo Y500. The soul purpose of the cooling pad is to keep the laptop from suffocating on the soft leather padded coffee table in the living room where the laptop spends most of its time. I don't even plug the cooling pad in most of the time as the laptop runs pretty cool.
  2. I purchased a Lenovo Y500 last month and enjoy this laptop immensely but joined this forum to hopefully help me bring out the true potential of this laptop. Thanks!
  3. Wow, great thread. I am running 1.03, any chance 1.05 will work on my system? Also, what do I use to flash the bios? I'm not up to 5 posts yet so I can't see the pictures and download the bios.
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