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  1. Hello i have an issue with my clevo its overheating alot when playing games and it throttles within 30s of the game launched i have tried everything and i seriously need an unlocked vbios for my 880m to underclock it and deal better with the temps its really frustrating since i cant do anything about it and its annoying to have your game crashing or dropping frames each time it throttles. thanks in advance
  2. Mar1XO

    P150EM GTX1070 (MSI) Upgrade Success

    can i have this installed on my clevo p370sm/a ?
  3. Mar1XO

    [SOFTWARE MOD] Backlight Controller with LightFX

    since the clevo center is just bad i will try this one thanks though
  4. Mar1XO

    p150hm with gtx 670mx not booting normally

    i dont know if you solved this or not but try to update to the lastest bios and flash a modded vbios for the card

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