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  1. I have a ASUS G750JY gaming laptop with the 980m 8gb and a very good cooling solution . I used to mod my own vbioses on desktop when I had my 780 , but now when I opened the vbios with MaxWellBiosTweak II I don't want to risk modifying and then flashig the vbios without being 100% sure. I see in Power that all the values are on 100 , so 100 W? On desktop the rule was to not set the PCI-E to more than 75 watts, those MXM cards maybe can pull more out of that connection, altough it looks exactly like a PCI-E connector. I have an ASIC quality of 74% and right now I'm on +135mhz on core, +600mhz on mem and benching/playing games with no problems while also staying under 80 C on the gpu. I would really like to see what more I can get out of this setup. I have a delta ADP-230EB T power brick, 230 Watts and when gaming full power I measured a 184 watt draw using a ampermeter ( 230V Voltage and it measured 0.8 Amps ) . I will attach my vbios so the nice guy I see in the latest pages can mod it for me. I honestly would've liked to download the modded 980m file and learn for myself what's modified there and modify my vbios on my own, but it just won't let me download it, my account doesn't have the privilege it seems. GM204.rom
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