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    on my alienware 17 r1 it crashes instantly.
  1. future more i would like to know if the gpu and the 120hz panel will work fine with prema bios i have flashed 980m with prema bios
  2. .could you tell me which one is the port for 120hz
  3. i tried overclocking my rams from bios to 1866mhz but they are still locked at 1333mhz why is that i didn't used the profile just set the freq to 1866mhz
  4. hello again, so i have finally decided to upgrade my lcd panel to 120hz 3d but i have been confused because i saw some post regarding the emitters and things like that are they required for the upgrade of panel i read some forum that it's mandotry and if can someone provide the upgrade video how it's done and how the new cable is different from the older one why can't we just use the older one laptop specs alienware 17 r1 gtx 980 8gb 60 hz
  5. hello every i just wanted to post that i upgraded my bios to A17 without battery using fat32 usb drivefollow the steps1-format usb drive to fat322- download latest bios from dell website open insyderflash.exe without closing it go to temp and copy VASxxx.fd file to usb drive3- shutdown laptop4- unplug battery and ac adapter5- plug ac adapter and press "END" button simultaneously6- leave it for about 5 mins and it will reboot itself if not wait more than 5 mins7- your bios is updated.p.s do everything at your own risks.
  6. hi so i have been using my 4710mq at 3.5 ghz at -50mv but sometimes it crashes and gives me 7 beeps then i have to wait for sometimes to reboot the laptop has anyone found better results and better stable clock speed thanks
  7. hi i have been reading that the older drivers are giving better fps than the newer ones specifically on alienware laptops kindly let me know about this if anyone has tried it
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