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  1. Same model card. If the original card goes back in the machine won't even start up, instead the power button flicks and you can hear a clicking noise but nothing happens. It just happened one day, was in the middle of doing something when I heard what sounded like a spark and the machine shut itself down. It's exactly the same thing that happened 2 years ago and from what we could gather PC Specialist replaced the motherboard, I don't know if they replaced the gfx card too. Now it's no longer in warranty so we can't send it back to them.
  2. Well no joy with the VBIOS from this site, it's the same mess of lines. What my husband also just found out today is that the cards are not built to a specific standard, we need to get a specific card that's built to work with this specific board, so we could go through several before finding one that's compatible. He doesn't know what to do. We're not even sure if the P77xZM mod will help anymore.
  3. Was promoted today and was able to download the GTX 980M BIOS from the site, haven't yet tried it but gonna give it a shot tomorrow. Still no joy in finding the P77xZM BIOS though, hoping Prema reads his tweets as I sent him a message on Twitter in a hopes he might be able to help us.
  4. Oh thank you, and yes I'm pretty sure the card is busted although my husband seems to think if he can underclock it then maybe it'll at least work although I won't be able to get full benefit from the card and I can limp along with that for a couple of years until the laptop fries that one. The stock BIOS does recognise the card and the VBios, there's just no way we can get to set it up, or we're hitting the wrong button or missing something really obvious.
  5. Lucifer The Orville Legends of Tomorrow Stranger Things Dr Who (not the recent series with the female Doctor though) There's a lot of stuff on repeat I may watch if it's on, not a huge fan of half of these as some of them either were bad at the start/end or just stretched on for to long and got boring, the rest just came to an end. Warehouse 13 Stargate SG1 Heroes Earth Final Conflict Star Trek Original/TNG/DS9/Voyager/Enterprise Red Dwarf Mr Robot Continuum Humans IT Crowd Newzoids Quantum Leap Robot Wars 12 Monkeys Mythbusters V
  6. My Cloud HyperX is very good. Virtually no sound outside of the headphones, comfy on the ears for long-time gaming, and the mic sound is good quality also that people can hear me loud and clear. Just whatever you do don't go for Turtle Beach, they went downhill a while back using cheap components and don't work well for PCs.
  7. Oddly from the dozens I own I only play maybe 2 or 3 of them. A lot were from some G2A deal where they give you mystery Steam keys but the majority of games they give you are really old or really dreadful.
  8. I'm not tech savvy and not going to even pretend I am. I'm from the UK and my not-so-faithful laptop is a custom built GTX980M Clevo P771ZM which seems to have a half-life of about 2 years before it cooks itself to death (the last fix took almost 2 months from PC Specialist, now it's out of warranty so it's up to us to fix it.) Let's say that as of recent my experience with "gaming laptops" has made me decide against buying another as this is now the 2nd "gaming laptop" I've owned where the gfx card has fried within 2 years and is a nightmare to find replacement parts on the same side of the planet.
  9. Recently got a GTX980M shipped in from China that doesn't seem to like my laptop, leaves ugly broken lines all over the screen as soon as the Nvidia driver is enabled. Been trying hard to find a modded VBios and got lucky in finding the Prema GTX980M V2 on some dodgy Chinese site since everywhere else is a dead end including Prema's site which only has a form for signing up to some newsletter, but on enabling the driver resulted in a white screen and crashed the laptop (tried also plugging in a HDMI monitor in case it just wasn't working with the LCD but also no luck.) Can't find out how to access the VBios to set it up, pressing F2 only goes to the default Bios that's already installed on the laptop, so we're thinking maybe we also need Prema's P771ZM Bios but can't find this anywhere. This is just guesswork, we've hit a wall on everything we've tried outside of returning the gfx card and labeling it as faulty, but that's not a practical option for us as the cost of shipping it back to China will be too much and would mean a 2 month wait for a replacement with no guarantee that one would work also. Would love help in locating Prema's P77xZM Bios or at least help in kicking some life into this card if anyone's come across this kind of issue before and knows how to fix it.
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