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  1. Can I use dell da-2 power supply with this board?
  2. Maybe easiest way is create ultrabay adapter for something like exp gdc.
  3. Basic version with integrated sata will be the most demand. Option to have board separated for two pieces connected with any kind of flexible cable is also very good (one piece inside ultrabay and second as stand for gpu).
  4. Can you tell me difference between your bios and @svl7? Right now I have flashed svl7's one and I am not sure if I have to flash your version for using exp gdc + 1060 with my y510p laptop.
  5. It is quite easy to build one body with integrated connectors for ultrabay and sata and then 3d print it (both connectors should be on cables, not on pcb). I can do it and share complete 3d model ready to print.
  6. I am also intersted in.
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