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    My WiFi is now blazing fast ALL THANKS TO THIS MOD. I had a few difficulties because totally inexperienced but found answers for all my questions using the search feature in the forum comments. In return I posted all my difficulties and the solutions in comments as well on 3/24/2019 (page 87 at the time). Thank You so much Tech Inferno and svl7!!!
  1. Successfully followed instructions to mod BIOS (v3.05) and installation of Intel AC 7260 (upgraded from N 7260), on Y510p running Windows 10. Difficulties, Solutions (all to the credit of TI members) and Suggestions: -suggestion: Subscribe to the $6/month TI Elite membership so you can download instantly w/out having to comment . -suggestion: download the driver for your new WiFi card before you begin but esp. before installing your WiFi card. -suggestion: unzip files to new folder in C:\ drive so when you have to type paths in cmd prompt they are short easy. (i.e. C:\biosmod\USBtool (subfolders for ind. downloads)) -diff creating bootable USB, click "Start" on Format tool got error message. Solved- I clicked OK (closed error message) and then clicked "Start" again. -Step 1 where is Admin Command Prompt? Solve open Task Manager, File, Run new task, check "Create this task with Administrative privileges," then OK -Step 1 run Fptw64 tool. Solve. change directory (i.e. type cd C:\biosmod\Fptw64tool\Fptw64_(8_series), Enter then type backup.bat, Enter. "bios.bin" file appears in same folder as .bat file -Step 2 After download of zip, you will unzip the "Lenovo Y510p-Y410p [v3.05] modified" files to your created subfolder and then move the contents of folder 1 to your USB disk -Step 2 then you run the Bios Fixer in folder 2 and drag your "bios.bin" file into the white square which creates your v305mod.bin file in same folder then move that to USB disk -Step 3 you have to Enable Bios Backflash or error. To open computers BIOS menu at startup. Shutdown computer and then start and immediately hold down F2 to open BIOS menu. -!!while you are in BIOS menu you also need to change Boot Mode to Legacy to boot from your prepared USB disk -everything else was easy just pay attention to svl7 instructions. - here is the wifi card I bought https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MGH2JN2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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