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  1. I have the exp GDC beast v8 and I am planning to use my eVGA 750 ti FTW edition on it connected to my lenovo T430 via expresscard I am thinking if a dell 220W PSU/adapter will be enough for this setup. This is the power adapter I plan to buy: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-N112H-DA-2-OptiPlex-GX620-USFF-model-DCTR-220W-18A-AC-Adapter-0N112H/263986418371?epid=7023495679&hash=item3d76d112c3:g:QtkAAOSw0NVbwHhq:rk:1:pf:0
  2. Hi, Is there a fix/workaround to make gen2 stable? I don't want to spend $88 on the pe4c v3. p.s. I have EXP GDC V8 + gtx 750 ti evga FTW edition how to use external monitor? I tried connect my GTX 750 ti directly to the monitor via DVI but the output is still on the laptop
  3. any mPCIe extender that works on gen2??
  4. I haven't searched for any mini PCIe extender yet.. I think I saw one on hwtools
  5. ok thx man... still thinking if you should take the risk or not... Another reason, apart from the price, I chose the EXP GDC V8 is that you can connect/disconnect it (it is not soldered) as my miniPCIe is found under my keyboard.. so it is not convenient having the adpater always connected to it. Have you tried a miniPCiE extender btw and know if it works?
  6. ah ok ... did you have to return the item? Shipping is going to cost a lot in my country. thx for helping btw
  7. but why are so many users in this thread reporting crashes with PE4C 3.0 ?? Really want to order the PE4C 3.0 to replace my EXP GDC V8 (which crashes now and then with gen2) but PE4C 3.0 is 2 to 3 times more expensive thant the EXP GDC v8 and I don't want to spend so much money for something which will not be stable on gen2.. So are users reporting crashes with PE4C v3 just stupid users who don't know how to connect the GPU or are there really issues with PE4C v3 on gen2??
  8. Just realised at gen1 .. my eGPU is actually slower than my dGPU... at gen2 it seems similar to my dGPu .. at least on battlefield hardline.. any tools you recommend to actually test performance...
  9. I see a lot of posts about PE4C V 3.0 not working or unstable on gen2 .. I am interested in a eGPU adapter mCPIe with stable gen2.. can you guys recommend one??
  10. I currently have the EXP GDC v8 and it works well on gen1 speed but is very unstable on gen2 speed (crashes, pc reboots, etc..). I mainly bought it because you can connect/disconnect it on the go.. it is not soldered. So I am thinking about buying a eGPU adapter with soldered socket instead now as according to Nando's research, it is more stable. But i still want to be able to disconnect/connect the eGPU on the go as my mPCIe port is under my laptop keyboard.. so I am thinking about using a mPCIe extender like this one: http://www.hwtools.net/ExtenderBoard/P22S-P22F.html anyone tried that and know if this works with eGPU adapters??
  11. Using setup 1.3 and forcing gen2 on my EXP GDC V8, I could somehow 'achieve' gen2 but it is very unstable; crashing, restarts. I can only play like 2 mins of game (tried battlefield hardline) and then it crashes or my laptop restarts. I sometimes get an error: "Directx function "device->CreateBuffer(.... E_OUTOFMEMORY ("Direct3D could not allocate sufficient memory to complete the call."). GPU : "NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750TI", ...." I don't know if it is related to the gen2 signaling issue that Nando talks about in the first page of this thread? Will another adapter like the pe4H works better?
  12. EXP GDC wire is so short... is there a way to extend it? is it a standard hdmi cable? possible to use an hdmi extender?
  13. hahaha!!! yeah you are right man!! But I want to use a case but the EXP GDC wire is so short... is there a way to extend it? is it a standard hdmi cable?
  14. Ok thx. Will try to add rubber 'stands' to it. Having it horizontal does not affect airflow right?
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