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  1. AlexSuru

    m17xR3 A10 unlocked BIOS Briked

    Did that and in combination with WIN + B sucsesfully started. At the moment seems that I ahave a problem with the new GPU. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Hy All, I installed sucsesfully A10 unlocked BIOS (from SVL7) and I upgraded the GPU to AMD HD 7970M (from 6870M). All was working except the CPU witch was downgraded to 800MHz (i7-2700Q at 2.2 MHz). I started the Overcloking in the BIOS hoping to have a better frequency. After restart my Allienware M17xR3 is just doing 8 fan speedups from time to time and I have no screeen (I can't enter BIOS). How can I resst BIOS to defaults (Overcloking DISABLED) because I have tryied nearly every step witch I found on the WEB with no hope: A) removed power and battery+removed BIOS battery+keep pressed power for 60 seconds - not resetting; removed power and battery+removed BIOS battery+keep pressed power for 60 seconds + removed memory modules (both) -Laptop makes 2 beeps - no acces to BIOS; C) removed power and battery+removed BIOS battery+keep pressed power for 60 seconds + removed memory modules (both) + removed CPU - Laptop does not boot Any other choices? Please HELP I'm stranded!
  3. AlexSuru

    What made you choose Clevo?

    I chosed CLEVO due to some budget constrains and the posibility to upgrade. I don't regret it at all after about 4 months. I've learnd how to tweeek things to my liking, I've upgraded myself memories and SSDs, I've used free software wich I didn't know existed up to now. The machine is an P750TM1G from "DREAM MACHINES" (a POLAND based reseller) and it came with a fully functional Prema MOD BIOS. SPECS: CPU-i7-9700K (desktop) [undervolt by 96 mV, disabled TURBO => MAX Temp=75 degC]; GPU NVIDIA RTX2060 (MXM3)[worked with NVIDIA Profile Inspector and decreased the Frame Rate Limit to 72 => MAX Temp=80 degC]; dysplay FullHD, 144Hz + G-Sync[as said dropped Frame Rate to half]; SSD EVO 256 Gb working fast. Added 32 Gb Corsair Memory at 2666 MHz also working well. The only issue for me is the screen bleeding but the resseler offered to exchange it without any extra payment (not done yet due to travelling a lot). Hope this helps others from EUROPE to chese this brand.
  4. AlexSuru

    Disabling SpeedStep on P750TM1-G

    I'm using the ThrottleStop but even without it my p750TM1 does not throttle. There are also BIOS options to disable TURBO and other processor functions. Hope it helps.
  5. AlexSuru

    Intel Extreme Tuning Issue

    Might be better to use throttle stop. I use it on my P751TM1G and works very well.
  6. Congrat's for a job well done. Thank you for sharing with the world :)!
  7. AlexSuru

    NVFlash 5.513.0 Released

    Nice one, Thanks! Any chance you'll get the same for RTX 2060 MXM for laptops?

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