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  1. Hey all ! So i'd like to re-use my old Rx17 R4 however the GPU is busted therefore windows keeps crashing... I'd like to force disable the 7970M HD so that computer only sees the intel integrated graphic which works fine. However my BIOS version is on A.12 which it seems there is no modded version of... Anyone can help me with this ? Would be very grateful. I've provided my bios backup if it helps : https://www.sendspace.com/file/7j622v Thanks !
  2. 153 games... Wow. Lots of indie games indeed but also lots of game carried out since I creating my account in 2007 ! I think the day I lose my steam account i'll probably just stop playing video games
  3. Hi ! Just to share quickly my experience with Alienware : Bought the M17xR4 long long ago when it was release (7 years) along with an i7 and a 7970M HD. Laptop was brillant and carried over during all my 5 years IT studies. It was on almost 24/24, downloading stuff, playing games or watching movies. Now the GPU broke, but the computer remains 100% functionnal thanks to intel's HD chipset (Of course I can't play demanding games anymore). I've now ordered an Area51m as a replacement and really hope it will last just like this one
  4. Hi Klem, what do I need to do in order to get the latest bios version (A15) unlocked ? How can I install it afterward ? Sorry i'm a bit lost since the first post links are all dead :/
  5. Hi All ! The day has finally arrived : My 7970M has completely crashed and is not working anymore on my M17xR4 after 6 years of use :'( Still, I can boot windows when disabling the 7970M from the settings, therefore relying on the intel chipset. However, due to the stupid Windows 10 policy forcing the updates down your throat, any major update also tries to enable/update the 7970M GPU, which result in instant PC freeze everytime. Is there any modded Bios (most recent up-to-date version) that can allow me to completly switch to the intel chipset, hiding the 7970M to the OS ? Thanks a lot !
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