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    I have to give my review from someone very inexperienced.. and say I will need some help to complete this flash to my y510p. I guess things went real smooth until I found out that the video was removed and I seemed unable to complete making a copy of my bios and drag/drop to place on my pen drive. I used rufus to make the boot drive but when I tried to flash the bios didn't stick but the ec did. I was able to boot back up and bring my bios back to 3.05. After running through the process again when I got to the point of taking the bios back to version 207(stock) I received a warning that my bios did not match?... Went to Lenovo to download and reinstall the bios(v3.05) but they have moved up to 3.08 now so I did not install it. Perhaps someone could tell me how to get back on track and be successful with this. My 7260 is burning a hole in the package it came in..... Below Is the final result of my pen drive contents......
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