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  1. Finally! Got ultrabay connectors delivered to my workshop. PCI-E connectors a bit late however. I'll do some more modelling meanwhile...
  2. @LeapingLamb, I don't think it will be cost effective for me to resell the connectors in retail in less than 20 USD.
  3. Finally! Guys from farnell.com sent me mine backordered connectors to chosen UK mail-forward address. Despite "same day dispatch", shipment was made in 2 weeks, as I've placed my order on September 29th and delivery was fulfilled on October 12th. And I've already forwarded them to my place. (Still in transition.) Expenses are 66.99 USD for connectors themselves plus delivery to UK address (free delivery over UK, VAT included, however) and 7.50 USD for mail-forward services. 74.49 USD for 7 connectors or 10.65 USD per unit.
  4. Just bought 7x 2199015-1connectors. Will be making few of these.
  5. Successfully flashed modded BIOS and upgraded to AC7260 module!
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