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  1. @ounces Did you managed to fix the issue flashing with the original vBIOS?
  2. Well, another shot in the dark but I'm attaching the stock unmodified rom if someone needs it or tries to unlock it...
  3. Ok I found some free time and continued the investigation. It looks like that the entry for the VBIOS version that applications are taking is in the registry, however I can't determine from where the value is taken. I've made a screenshot showcasing that in registry, DDU and NVIDIA Inspector we have VBIOS ID which is not the correct one. I tried to manually edit this for testing purposes - it doesn't matter - this is cached somewhere and programs are not reflecting my change. After a reboot the value is switched back. I have tried to download the 8770w BIOS itself F70 and tried to find inside with HEX editor if we will have the GPU BIOS integrated/as someone suggested in this thread/ - I can;t find any entries for NVIDIA or any vbios ID. Also I don't think it makes a lot of sense - these machines were sold with ~10 different cards and that would mean that the bios will have to contain all of them -> extremely inefficient ~2 megs of rom space! The true hardware VBIOS ID is - I verified this from NVflash tool, also checked the rom files with the HEX editor and the value is matching. I'm missing something here. Are the drivers somehow forcing the OS to think the ID is different and using cached version of the vbios? I tried several restarts, laptop BIOS defaults and whatnot. I really suspect that the drivers are screwing the things up. @Klem I see that you helped a lot of people here - are you able to assist me or point me in the right direction? If I become eligible to download the archive with the files - I see there is one rom for K4000m do you think it would be safe to flash? Maybe I could edit the version to match my hardware using the HEX editor, or perhaps this will throw an error as there might be chcksum somewhere? I'm out of ideas for the moment and I see there is lots of potential for this card.
  4. @yussuaif Can't PM you,and maybe you won't see this message, however were you able to solve this? The specs of your card/and machine/ are 1:1 with mine.
  5. Ok I had the courage to flash with my file - all went well with the process. Ignored the mismatches which are to be expected. Drivers were removed in advance with DDU. Installed latest ones and all works without issues however no change in the clock speeds :/ Can't go past +135 on core. I set TDP default to 800; changed this in the slider for max table value as well - still the same - Boost clock stays at 600. I can increase to 735 and that's it. Any ideas?
  6. Hello Everyone, I think I need some assistance, please . I've been digging through this thread and other resources for 2 days now. I have 8770w HP laptop with K4000M installed and I want to overclock beyond the limitations of the current VBIOS. From what I've read in these machines the FW is actually stored in system board ROM as well? I haven't yet flashed the card as I don't have access to download the available files yet. Still, I decided to try and make my own file using KeplerBiosTweaker. I've made backup of the original ROM with Nvflash. Opened it and changed few things - TDP base clock and boost table max value - I made them exactly the same. Saved the file and decided to use the --compare command - there few mismatches found: NVIDIA Firmware Comparison Firmware Legacy BIOS ................................ Mismatch UEFI ....................................... Pass Firmware Certificate ....................... Mismatch InfoROM .................................... Mismatch Unallocated Space .......................... Mismatch If I do the same with the backup.rom - untouched - only the last 2 entries mismatch. Unallocated space is fine I think since we are not taking the complete size of the EEPROM in the card. Having the mismatch errors I decided to do some more research and ask someone if it is safe to proceed. The discrepancy that I found is that NVIDIA Inspector reports strange BIOS version where GPUz and the flash utility shows I'm assuming the fist program is not operating properly as I found only 2 results when I search with it. So in essence I here are my questions: - Is it safe to flash with "my" rom with the 2 changes bumping the core clock given the above mentioned mismatches? Will that solve my issue and remove the limitation or perhaps a change somewhere else needs to be done? - If the answer to the above is "yes" - can someone point me to a resource that gives more info? Maybe I need to use HEX editor and do the change manually? I don't have modified file to find the differences by doing comparison. - Can someone assist and maybe modify the rom file for me? Maybe having only the boost table MAX value changed should suffice? I think it is better to have stock frequencies in the rom and overclock via software rather to hardcode them? - Last question - probably until I flash we wouldn't know if VBIOS change of the card will resolve the issue or I wil lhave to modify and flash mainboard's bios? And if someone read through this - thank you : )
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