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  1. Even with a modded VBIOS I was unable to overclock over the 135Mhz threshold, things would get weird (artefacts, shaky screen, even bluescreens), with that setup best way to do it for me was finding the best way to cool the computer and fine-tuning the memory overclock to its max if you can find a VBIOS that allows you to mess with the power profiles you might just be able to push over the 135Mhz because that's the limit I was constantly hitting. I found the best way was to change to another MXM module with a faster and less workstation oriented tuning. I went with a GTX 970M, it has a lower TDP and overclocks better than the Quadro. You can even find GTX 980M but I feared the single fan solution would have gotten a bit overwhelmed with all the heat that would make, and I wasn't able to get a GTX 1060.
  2. Would really like some help with this. I Have a HP 8770W Elitebook Workstation. its powered by an Intel Core i7-3630QM, 32GB RAM and an Nvidia Quadro K4000M. the Quadro's stock clock is 600 MHz- Core/ 700 MHz- Memory. its currently overclocked 736 MHz (+135 MHz)- Core/ 1050 MHz (+750 MHz)/ 1100 MHz (+800 MHz)- Memory. The GPU temps stay fairly decent in summer ( between 70-75 Degrees Celsius) while loaded and CPU around 5 degrees higher. In winter the drop to the mid/high 60's so i believe there is still some space there to push it a bit harder. The problem is nor Nvidia Inspector nor MSI Afterburner allow me to overclock the core over 135 MHz, the memory i know is maxed out because anything over just bugs out. Is there anything i can do that would allow me to go over that threshold of 135 MHz.
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