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  1. Hello. I have a GTX 970M 6GB clevo card I want to overclock. It's limiting me to +135Mhz on the core, and I want to push it higher. I have also noticed the over voltage doesn't work. If you could help me, that would be much appreciated. Below is the attached VBIOS I pulled from my GTX 970M. STOCK_VBIOS_GTX970M.rom
  2. Hello. I just bought a Clevo P157SM-A It came with a GTX 970M 6Gb. I was trying to get an overclocking VBIOS for the Clevo GTX 970M but I wasn't able to find one that works. I tried to use the 970M "Overclock Edition" on here but it says "Invalid firmware image detected" each time I try to flash the VBIOS. EDIT: I have backed up the stock firmware if that will be needed. STOCK_VBIOS_GTX970M.rom
  3. Thanks man. I've rebooted now, and I know it worked cause it showed the vbios spash screen saying "This vbios was modded by--" Or something along those lines. Also, when is a good time to apply voltage? When the temp are in a good place and you can't get a higher clock? That's what I am guessing.
  4. I tried a bios off of the link you gave me. I am gonna reboot and see if it worked. If it shows a black screen I will need to re flash the old vbios. No, It's not grayed out. THe max i've ever tried without overvolting via MSI Afterburner was +102. It wasn't as stable past that.
  5. With overclocking it goes above 967 mhz. I don't think I can change the voltage though. I've also tested to see if the vbios you gave me actually flashed to the card. I used NvFlash to get the vbios off of the Gfx card and I put the vbios file in Keplar BIOS Tweaker. The boosts clocks are there in Kepler BIOS Tweaker. With a +60 Mhz offset on the core it gets 1027 Mhz on the core. With a +100 Mhz on the memory it gets 2601 Mhz on the memory. It goes past 967mhz when overclocked.
  6. On nvidia inspector it shows that the power state is on P0. I don't see power states in GPUz. Also, apon flashing the vbios. When I reboot, it should show that the bios is modified on GPUz, right? GPUz or Nvidia Inspecter.
  7. In device manager, the box where it says to disable the GPU is grayed out. This could be that there's no internal GPU. As for GPUz I have a screenshot of that too. What did you use to stress the GPU? I was just using BeamNG
  8. Edit: I just tried it, it doesn't seem as it worked. It's staying around 967mhz. Temperatures are around 65c. I wasn't able to disable the device in device manger.
  9. Thanks, Ill give it a try. Well, I was going to try to disable it, however, it won't let me do that. It probably has something to do with there not being any onboard graphics.
  10. Hello there! I've managed to overclock my GTX 870m mxm card, but I can only get it up to +60 Mhz on the core, and +100 Mhz on the memory. When I try to overclock it further than that I start getting issues with games crashing. There's no artifacts at all, and the temperatures seem to be alright. I've looked for Modified VBIOSes, but I can't find one that works with my system. When I try flashing a vbios rom with nvflash, vflash says something about the Hardware ID being missmatched. I have managed to include the stock rom that was on the card in the first place. System Information: - I7 2760qm - 14 Gb DDR3 1333 - GTX 870m 3 Gb Other information on the card: - 3072 Mb Samsung Memory. - Pulled from an MSI laptop. Stock870m.rom
  11. Hello! The other day I bought a GTX 870m mxm card for my laptop. After getting the thermal issues fixed I was wanting to overclock it. I've tried overclocking on the stock bios, but I am not sure if it is actually working or not. - A few posts back I see there is a modified vbios for the GTX 870m (MSI) which is the exact same card I have, but I have the 3072 Mb version. I was wondering if that vbios would work with it. P.S: Sorry for necroposting, I haven't seen any real recent activity.
  12. I want to build something like this but have a blower style graphics card and perhaps A little thinner. Nice job though. How do you hook the GPU to the laptop display?
  13. So I have this laptop that I mentioned in the subject. I was considering of upgrading to either a Dell precision m6700. I feel like the m6700 would have better cooling for mxm gpus, I also believe it can support up to a 1060. The reason why I wanna go with this is cause it's less flashier than a gaming laptop.
  14. Right now the fastest core clock I can get is only +100 mhz and I was able to do +500 on the memory. Temps were in the 160f range.
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