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  1. Asavage9794

    Gaming Laptop build with GTX750ti-LP (Non-eGPU)

    I want to build something like this but have a blower style graphics card and perhaps A little thinner. Nice job though. How do you hook the GPU to the laptop display?
  2. So I have this laptop that I mentioned in the subject. I was considering of upgrading to either a Dell precision m6700. I feel like the m6700 would have better cooling for mxm gpus, I also believe it can support up to a 1060. The reason why I wanna go with this is cause it's less flashier than a gaming laptop.
  3. Right now the fastest core clock I can get is only +100 mhz and I was able to do +500 on the memory. Temps were in the 160f range.
  4. Do they have one for a clevo GTX 770m I have to use that vbios so my HP elitebook 8760w's screen will work.
  5. So I have a Hp Elitebook 8760w and I installed a aftermarket GTX 770m 3072MB card, and I am currently running on a un modded clevo bios. The physical card that I am using was from a Alienware, But in order to get my display to work I have to use a clevo vbios. I've recently been trying to overclock my GTX 770m, But I noticed that it don't let me change the voltage. So I was wondering if there's a downloadable vbios I could use to allow for better overclocking. I was thinking of modifying the vbios but I don't understand how to do that. I was going to download a modded overclockable Vbios and copy their values for the clocks and voltages, But this website won't let me download anything. It's very annoying.

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