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  1. Can anyone confirm that this is the (actual) Dell 6970 vBios? I want to flash back and it looks like I deleted my original bios. EDIT: Nvm....read the first post. ( http://forum.techinferno.com/attachments/alienware-m15x/861d1306098426-flash-files.zip ) Thanks
  2. I stand corrected. It disabled windows aero though edit: which is apparently normal
  3. I'll try 10-bit color again when I get to the office. I'm like 30 mins away. Apologies if I fed you incorrect information
  4. finally linked to 8.851 (fell asleep!) Um....I don't even know what latest drivers are for firepro M8900. If anyone wants them modded as above, link me to them and I'll getrdone
  5. I basically had to do this: 1. Install Dell 6970M driver 2. Mod a 8900M driver, then install over 6970M As I understand things: All of the info processed by GPU on r3 is sent to the screen via your i7's integrated graphics core. Because of this, hybrid drivers need to be installed for the process to work properly - That's what Dell's drivers are; intel drivers modified with some AMD info, and AMD drivers modded with some intel info. Without a hybrid driver, intel won't recognize your dGPU. When we install the only hybrid driver that we have, it tells iGPU that our model number is that of a 6970M. That's why must mod the drivers before installing over the old. It'd be nice if someone were to make an actual modified driver. I used to do it myself for Optimus, but am way too lazy / un-knowledgeable to do it for this! PS: 10-bit color doesn't work for me. Here's DriverVer=02/01/2011, 8.800.7.2000 by Dell (certified drivers for AutoCAD 2011 and 2012) and here's 8.851 sorry, fell asleep!
  6. m8900.zip Yeah I have no clue where to find this info. The vbios seems off to be honest. It's like Dell took a bunch of 6970s and called them M8900s after jamming them into Precisions. Any help appreciated.
  7. RBE has fields that can be used to change the subsystem ID -- but this doesn't really matter as I am fairly sure that this information is only really used when deciding whether or not the drivers you are about to install have been created with your system in mind. Mostly it is an exclusion tool (again, as far as I know). Anyway, because Autodesk is such an anal corporation, I'm going to need to figure out how to edit the subsystem ID from 04BA (6970M) to 04A4 (M8900). Simply changing the "ATI ASIC Include" value in drivers is not enough. Ideas? I just spent 4 hours fiddling around trying to accomplish this goal and just can't seem to figure it out.
  8. not really working for me... flashed bios fine, but firepro display driver will not install any ideas?
  9. Do you know how long I have been waiting for this? I love you @svl7 & Star Forge
  10. I was trying to stay positive! Interesting points regarding possible structure. I sure hope (but highly doubt) you're wrong!
  11. Well put. In my opinion, this seems like a sort of acknowledgement of your fantastic work.
  12. It's obviously a little far off, but still.... Magma Announces ExpressBox 3T - Thunderbolt to PCIe Expansion Chassis
  13. The article actually specifies exactly what you just said: XM & ULV only Also, I was pointing out that (as far as this article states) dynamic TDP will be controlled by software/drivers.
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