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  1. Does anyone know if a Quadro M5000M will work in a Dell Precision M6800 laptop?
  2. Hello, I own a Dell Precision M6800 laptop that currently has an AMD FirePro 6100m GPU installed, I had seen on several forums where people were successful at getting the newer Nvidia Quadro M5000M GPU installed and working in the M6800. I purchased a new M5000M GPU but so far I have not been successful at getting it working. I have edited the .inf files in the driver and thought I had done it correctly but something is not working correctly. Before I edited the .inf files the driver install failed at the very beginning saying that the installer could not find any supported hardware. When this occurred I attempted to find out what the issue was and after visiting several forums I found out that you needed to edit the .inf files in the driver to get it to install. Once I had done this I thought that perhaps it was going to work. The driver does get past the hardware check and begins to install but after installing for a minute or two the driver install fails. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to get this GPU working? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Robert
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