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  1. Hi, I had a question about this BIOS mod. Does this allow me to undervolt the main GPU? (Not the Ultrabay one) I didn't see anything for that in the BIOS screenshots, that's why I'm asking. Also, I have already upgraded to BIOS v3.08. Using the link you have provided, will I be able to undervolt the main GPU? Can I flash the unlocked Ultrabay VBIOS along with the provided 3.08 mod link? Or will I have any compatibility issues?
  2. Replacing the thermal paste in a laptop is very much worth it, IF done correctly. Look for a guide on how to apply thermal paste well. Improper application could yield worse temperatures (first-hand experience ) If you apply it correctly, you could see as much as a 10°C drop in your load temperatures. I also own a Y510P. That's how much my temps dropped for my ultrabay GPU when I tried re-pasting the second time! I used Coolermaster's V1 IC Value Thermal Compound and still got such an insane drop in temps. You can imagine how bad the stock paste / its application was! Some people on the Lenovo forums have used much higher quality compound (IC Diamond and such) and seen barely any difference (1-2°C max, possibly bad application) Personally, I have seen liquid metal make a substantial difference in temperatures. Even up to 20°C in some cases! But it is quite dangerous to use and if you're not careful, it could damage your motherboard since the paste is conductive. Try it on an older, "destroyable" laptop first, if possible to give you an idea of what could go wrong. I hope this helps.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm Couce. I'm really impressed with the Tech|Inferno community too! Hoping to learn a thing or two about system tweaking and modifications... This forum is a great source for knowledge!
  4. I've got about 80 games in my library.... Slowly approaching a hundred! I go back to the old ones I bought a few years ago from time to time for the sake of nostalgia or if the game was great.
  5. Couce Blunt

    Gtav on pc

    The easiest way to find good settings is go to Geforce Experience, and choose Optimize. After that, if you feel your FPS is high enough, you can increase the settings one by one to the next levels. GTA V has a ton of settings and it's pretty time-consuming to find the perfect fit for a particular CPU/GPU combination. I hope this helped.
  6. Please provide more details about your issue. Which GPU do you use? What was your stock clock? What did you overclock to? What is your core voltage? Did you try running any stress tests? Did they succeed? What exactly do you mean by "freezing"? Does the game crash completely or does it freeze for a few seconds and then unfreezes?
  7. Hi, I did some research and it seems PES 2018 lags on even three-way SLI Titan setups! That being said, I also found a fix on the Steam Community page of the game, try this: I hope this helps you. With a 780M, you should be able to run it at Medium-High settings.
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