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  1. I've been following this thread from the start since I am insterested in buying 2 980M's to replace the 7970's in my M18x R2. Since the reason for this throttling issues seems to be total power consumption and all of you have overclocked XM CPUs and my CPU is a 3840QM (no OC) what do you think will happen? Do you think it will make any difference or the throttling will be the same? Has anyone with a non-XM CPU tried running 980M SLI (no OC) in M18x R2?
  2. Greetings, I have stock A12 BIOS. The procedure to flash unlocked A10 is to first flash stock A10 and then flash unlocked A10? Is this correct?
  3. An update from a little research I have done showed users reporting that they got TRIM working for RAID-0 with OROM and latest RST drivers from Intel. Seems like the requirement for TRIM to work is OROM > 11.x and IRST > 11.2. Source -> SSD RAID0 RoundUp 2012: RAID0 strikes back - ( HWBOX ) O/C on first boot Its a greek site and the reviewer is very reliable. Asus Maximus V Formula with OROM 11.0.01339 and IRST, TRIM is working. More links: AnandTech Forums - View Single Post - Trim with Intel RST 11.2/11.5 and RAID 0? Update: Trying 11.5 RST with 11.5.x.x OROM www.station-drivers.com • Afficher le sujet - ROM: Intel RAID ROMs v11.5/11.6 may open TRIM for RAID0 RAID0 TRIM Another Look Anyway I'll report back when I get my SSD's and test it myself
  4. Thanks for the reply. I noticed that thread but I'm hesitated to blind flash to an older unlocked BIOS with the new OROM since I have seen many people failing to do so resulting bricking their laptops. I have stock A08 BIOS and downgrading seems like a hit and miss attempt. Soon I will have my new SSD's and I will try to test if TRIM works. Here is a way for anyone interested in checking by themselves: 1/ Copy a JPEG file (for example) to the root directory of your RAID 2/ Open WinHEX then press F9 (Open Disk) then choose your RAID partition 3/ Choose your files and look at his content, note the first cluster / offset 4/ Then delete the file under Windows 5/ Under WinHEX press F9 to reopen your partition and choose "Take a new one" => When you choose your (deleted) file you must see 00 00 00 or FF FF FF (etc.) instead of the old content. If the content did not change then TRIM is not ok. => If the file is not here use alt+g or ctrl+g to go to the good location and see if you got 00 00 00 or FF FF FF (etc.) or the older data Or if you prefer its described better in this article from Anandtech. AnandTech - TRIM & RAID-0 SSD Arrays Work With Intel 6-Series Motherboards Too Check How to Verify TRIM is Working.
  5. Hello forum, I recently got my new M18x R2 with A08 stock BIOS and OROM and I'm waiting for my 2 Samsung 840 Pro to arrive. I will set up a RAID-0 and I'm wondering if TRIM will work with latest Intel RST drivers. I think the latest is
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