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  1. Hi Klem, I just sent you a PM with link for Dump files as well as the last working Modded Bios Image. I had some problems with the images size disparity chip to dump file, giving that my Lenovo Y580 comes with 2 EEPROMs chips (4MB + 2MB) and the images always turned out bigger. My last official Bios upgrade was 5DCN90WW(8.01) I got it if you need it. The present State is blank screen. Chips are in good state but appear empty. The last Modded Bios modification was working until I messed up the internal Video configuration, so any thing you could do will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well, I did flash it but not successfully. I think there is some regions or blocks in the chips that are write protected. my flashing procedure is the same as everybody else. Klem, I am afraid that I got no unlocked bios, no advanced submenues, no white list removed ( An unauthorized wireless network adaptor is plugged in, please turn off and remove) and some mixt results when it comes to the gtx accelaration. Pls somebody help me. I will love to cooperate with any of you
  3. I had tested this in gaming for an hour and if it passes here in Venezuela and even in Guatire that the ambient temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius and my 660M gets into the mid 70s, i.e. 75-78 C. it is ok, taking into account that there is a lot of headroon to cpu Tj=105 C, which is the cutoff temperature. Anything else that you can provide to the mixt in order to inprove it is a bonus and is well received. Thank you for everything and we'll keep in touch... I hope this single screenshot be suffient if not please let me know.
  4. Hi Klem, What an Honor! This is the URL of my backupbios resuelts as requested: https://www.sendspace.com/file/uzzq7r.
  5. Hello everyone. I am a rookie member. I got a Lenovo Y580 which I want to flash it with the modified BIOS 5DCN90ww (V8.01) and I did flash it with the command fpt -f v801.rom -bios and it went till the end with no errors but at the end shows that the 2 bioses are exactly the same. What Can I do to get a ready modified bios, I mean the real thing, unlocked, white list removal, advanced subMenues and gtx660M accelerated. I got a wirelessland 7260HNM DUAL BAND, 4.0 BT and 2x2 867Mbps which is awating the transformation of my Y580. I 'll be willing to a down payment as a donation if that is ok with you. Final note on the 2 bioses, I compared them with the DOS command FC and there were many diffencies... I'll leave it to the experts, Gracias amigos!!!
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