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  1. Oh nice, I'll give the latest drivers a shot and see how it goes. Thanks! Just installed them and I feel like I too got an increase in performance.
  2. Just put $20 for metro and saints. Good to know I'm supporting a cause and also getting some entertainment out of it =D.
  3. How are these SSD? I am looking to buy a SSD and would like to know your opinion on OCZ as I've read many mixed reviews.
  4. awchung

    Gaming Mouse

    I've been using the legendary logitech mx518 mouse haha. I mostly only play FPS so it covers all my needs and is cheap/durable. I've owned this mouse for almost 3 years now and it still works great.
  5. Just wondering, which driver do most people use? The latest drivers seem to reduce my fps, so I reverted back to 296.10.
  6. I just bought Win 8 Pro with the $40 promotion Microsoft was having. I did not like the new layout at first, but after a day's use, it kind of grows on you and you get used to it.
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