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  1. Ok, it sounds as though I'm in over my head. So does the G750JM separate the vBIOS and system BIOS? If not, which set of ROG's allow for more accessible BIOS modding?
  2. Thanks for the reply, @ModJPB As far as messing with the vBIOS, a fellow over at the ROG ASUS forums had put a 760 into his G75. To get his working, he had to do some vBIOS swapping. It may no longer be necessary but that was the route I was following. I'll try and get it into recovery mode but I can't even get a power signal with the 880 plugged in at the moment.
  3. I am a very persistent person...impossible physically or impossible technically? If there is a way to overwrite the vBIOS for 670 with that of the 880, with the proper drivers, I believe it can happen! ....I know you want a challenge, Klem!
  4. @Klem Heya Klem, I have a project going on to stuff an Nvidia GTX880M into an ASUS G75VW (normally uses a 670M). I modded the case so it physically fits but my first attempt at flashing the vBIOS worked (I guess) but there was no power to the system. I swapped the old card back, reflashed the BIOS and it booted back up. Do you have some ideas as to how to get this thing running? Your help and time is greatly appreciated! @ModJPB Hello Mod, I have been reading your posts as well. A lot of what you did pertains to the mod I'm attempting also but my concern is the difference in motherboards between the 75 and the 750 (which normally houses the 880). I am wondering why there is no power to the machine with 880 inserted...not enough voltage? I feel as though if I could get the vBIOS correct, if should work...I'm open to any of your ideas as well!
  5. Hey all, I am currently working on stuffing an Nvidia 880M into an ASUS G75VW. I have the case modded to accommodate the card. The issue I am having is finding the correct vBIOS for it. Since the 75 has a different mobo than the 750 with the GTX880M, is there a way to flash only the vBIOS for the GPU into my existing BIOS? Has anyone ever done anything like this?
  6. DragonSource

    Asus G75vw

    Heya all, I am actually working on doing this exact upgrade. I have been able to modify the case to accommodate the 880 but I am having problems getting the machine to boot with it inserted. Over at the ROG forums, there were a few doing a 760M upgrade but that was with Dreamonic's immense experience. He has since moved on so we are without that resource. Does anyone know of a member here who may be able to help with the vBIOS flash?
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