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  1. Maybe somebody know's thermal pad's shape for 770M/780M?
  2. I think you have only 2 option's: 1) Buy Original 330W PSU for Clevo/MSI. 2) Buy Dell M18X 330W PSU for around 50$, short ID pin to ground, Cut your original 4 PIN cable and solder it to PSU.
  3. Hello, dear forum members and BIOS modders. I need your help. We all need your help. I'm owner of Lenovo Ideapad 510 and this laptop has a huge problem - GPU throltlles from 1200Mhz to 405Mhz when reaching 61C. And he locked on 61C from bios. I already have programmer and tried to manually set clocks of gpu, set boost clock and etc., but this won't work. I can provide bios, get info all info that I know to you to unlock GPU Temp Limit. I don't know anything about InsydeH2O bios modding, so i can't find the code, which carries GPU temp limit and change it.
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