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  1. It’s crazy to see how active the community is around here. Heck, there are still some older threads that are 5+ years old that still continue to be active. Made me feel welcome.
  2. Although has anyone tried pushing the VBIOS to the max? Like finding stable overclocks, tweaking it in the BIOS to be the base, and then attempting to build off of that?
  3. Would highly recommend using the links for Prema content. Used their modded BIOS on my 17 R3 w/970m and was able to squeeze 10-15% improved frame rates from overclock it. (Had larger power supply, and swapped paste so your mileage may vary.)
  4. To have download permissions you have to have at least five quality posts before the Mods check you out to promote you. Once promoted you can download to your hearts content lol.
  5. For that I would recommend looking at Prema’s download for a BIOS from there. That and people in those threads have also done some great work as well.
  6. Glad I stumbled upon this. Just got my hands on a G75VW from a family member and was wondering how I could tinker with it!
  7. I’d recommend contacting them to find out for sure if you can use a bank transfer as a payment method.
  8. Hi everyone, I’m ELF! Just signed up as I heard a lot about this site being able to help satiate my hunger for overclocking and modification! Hopefully I don’t nuke a computer...lol.
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