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  1. When you hear the sound of needle crashing to the plate roughly and repeatedly, it's the time... Mechanical failure may not report itself in bad sectors.
  2. GT70 is now the new beast... it's just one year after GT780/3 series, well, wonder what set their numbers down.
  3. Having a good experience with 306.97! For me, it is the only one after 275 that doesn't have TDR issues with hardware acceleration browser.
  4. Well, let's see how AMD takes this.... If AMD could profit from holes in Intel's future masterplan, perhaps Sunnydale could stop firing their employees.
  5. Try to disable turbo boost from BIOS if you're really desperate. Otherwise activate cooler boost and clean fan ventilations.
  6. Is the modded bios allow hyperthreading to be disabled? I hope I can shove off some temp out of my i7... almost enough to boil water.
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