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  1. another nobrainer... does z510 support m.2 ssds ??
  2. contact the mods @officiallenovoforum . they will fix and issue a neew bios update...my z510 got stuck @.77hz when unplugged.contacted the in a thread ad got fixed bios after 3-4 months
  3. hi guys, i have a z510 59398016 indian variant. I had replaced the oem 1tb sshd on sata 3 port that came in it with 250 gb ssd 1 year ago. now the optical disk drive on sata1 has gone haywire and i do not want to replace it as cd and dvd are obeolete and useless to me. can some one suggest a caddy for z510 to use my old sshd in place of optical disc drive ? would i be able to dualboot BW 2 drives if i do the above? I tried caddy from local vendor but it is not getting recognised. plz suggest some caddies compatible with z510
  4. no buddy...when u install old drivers on clean win 10 the windows update automatically fetches the latest drivers which are not in the lenovo site
  5. @Klem hi can u plz mod my z510 bios https://www.sendspace.com/file/jo4c1d need to remove whitelist and unlock hidden settings if any... am i missing any other advantages ?
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