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  1. It's all the time at high performance. And just discovered that ThrottleStop can unlocked the CPU from stuck 2.0 GHz. So for now it's the only one solution.
  2. Hello everyone. I made this thread because I have problem with my laptop. It's Lenovo y50-70 with i5-4210h and 960m. Laptop randomly starts with CPU stuck at 2.0 GHz and nothing can boost it up, even stress tests in ThrottleStop or Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. The only one thing which helps is restart of laptop. Then laptop will start normally with CPU at 3.4-3.5 GHz. But one thing I discerned is that when CPU is working on 3.4 GHz and I unplug power supply and laptop will work only on battery the frequency will drop to 2.0 and never comes back. After that I need to restart laptop. I did few things to repair it: 1. Flashed original stock bios from Lenovo website. Version 3.03. 2. Cleaned from dust. 3. Used new thermal paste on CPU. 4. Made default settings in bios. Nothing from above helped. I attached two screenshots from IETU on 2.0 and 3.4 GHz. I hope that somebody have an idea what could wrong that laptop randomly starts with slowed down CPU.
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