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  1. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/failed-to-use-desktop-vga-with-laptop-egpu.292790/page-2 There is already an internal display.
  2. It has a good bios. Enhanced by dsanke. Knowledge and information are lacking. No problem. I'll solve it. I will buy an external display in 15,6 size. I'll put it in place of the other one. It will have an HDMI connection. And this way I will have an internal display that will work with the desktop vga card. Then I take a photo and send it to Clevo. If I want something, I always make it happen.
  3. Hi! I don't know how the Clevo hardware works. I'm looking for a brave person to tell me where the trap is so that only Clevo mxm cards can work. There is a power connection cable on the laptop motherboard that connects to the MXM card and I don't use it. Maybe that's why I have a black screen. I came here because there is a Clevo community here and I thought there was a professional who would tell me the secret. And if I know, then I won't look for the solution anymore. I'll make or break the search and give up, I just want to understand. I noticed this is like a state secret. This hardware works differently than others. Thank you for your answer! If someone would like to help solve the problem, I wouldn't ask for it for free.
  4. Klem: Hi! I want to ask for help. My laptop is a Clevo P751TM1. An earlier thread on another site. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/failed-to-use-desktop-vga-with-laptop-egpu.292790/ At the very end is the present and the problem. I have an mxm adapter (eGPU) that I bought from here. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003809556859.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.412b5b04MoD5Nq&algo_pvid=a5c2f532-5525-4ddf-9b4c-c47592496913&algo_exp_id=a5c2f532-5525-4ddf-9b4c-c47592496913-7&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000027239826140"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!HUF!94518.43!85066.58!!!!!%402101d68d16636297906627683e6cc5!12000027239826140!sea&curPageLogUid=tIkZARdVcjob The bios is opened with a lot of goodies. There is no internal image on the laptop, only external. What should I look for in the bios menu to display the internal image? I'm interested in any solution.
  5. Hi Klem! Unfortunately, something is wrong. The card received the MSI Max-Q Vbios. (Rev: A) He's not coming up. You can't see your laptop. SG mode ..... the fan is rotating. I do not understand. You can help tell me what this is about. Is there anything else you can do here? Motherboard Bios Replacement? Pl...GT70-2OK-Workstation Would it make sense to try? /MSI GT70 2OC, i7-4940MX......./
  6. This was the winner: 86.04.8B.00.7A (MSI)
  7. Vbios Chip For: MSI WS75 Nvidia Quadro P5200 Version 86.04.8D.00.79 The goal: ( It was a long time ago WS70) MSI GT70, i7-4940MX, 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz, 2TB SSD + 4TB HDD.......Nvidia Quadro P5200 (Max-Q)
  8. Master, could you get this for me? vbios version: https://szchangyou.en.alibaba.com/product/62108810555-212096627/DAXW3UB6CB0_FOR_HP_Nvidia_Quadro_P5200_N18E_Q5_A1_16GB_GDDR5_Graphics_Video_Card.html I can't find it anywhere, no one helps. :-(((((((((((((
  9. Thanks anyway! Can you give me a hint where I can get it? Do you know someone who deals with this? Of course I would pay for it.
  10. ............................. I deleted it!
  11. Thank you, it helped a lot! Privately request link (account number) .... would like to thank you!
  12. Hi! (Klem ..... I've known you for a long time. You helped me a long time ago!):-)) I have a (converted Erazer) MSI GT70 ..... gtx 1070m config. So far I have lived well, got help! This is now discontinued. (This has now ceased.) Driver (modded inf) problem. I can't make it, I'm stupid. I like to play and sometimes need a new driver. Eg Doom Eternal minimum requirement etc ... Of course not for free, I would pay for it! This laptop is still good, I would like to use it up to date.
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