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  1. Well I have the laptop flashed with the the modded bios and managed to push some extra performance out of the GTX 670M. GPU clock 800 MHz and the memory clock is 1900 MHz. Squeezed a decent bit more performance compared to the locked values in the stock BIOS. The eventual plan is to throw a 3840HQ CPU in here and maybe mod a GTX 880M to work in the laptop. Excellent BIOS man. If things work out for some school support for Vets I'll probably send a donation. Get the good beer with it.
  2. I was reading through the other thread on this project, and at one point you mentioned possible issues with LVDS support. If i was looking into doing this project, would I be better off trying with a 980m core instead. Again, this is 'if at all' sorta territory for the other issues you mentioned with the strap resistors. The limitations with this laptop are pretty extensive regarding LVDS support and maintaining 3D capability. I had looked into just throwing a 1050Ti in this laptop originally, still pretty significant, bump in performance, as well as reduction in power draw and heat output. Unfortunately the removal of LVDS support alone made that impossible.
  3. This is some pretty complex stuff then. It's still incredibly interesting to me. I will be attempting to play around with some stuff (mostly have to wait for promotion by the admins) to see what I can get out of my G75VW. Easy way to boost some performance as I decided to go back to school as a mature student at my local university and havn't any money for a new laptop. If you don't mind, I may pick your brain a bit in regards to this in the future. Best way to do stuff. Tips and tricks. Maybe some other stuff.
  4. Do you happen to know how to force your laptop into the recovery mode for automatic repair or for high level cmd.exe functions?
  5. Wait so your telling me some crazy person with a say an Asus laptop running an 880M could throw a 980 chip on there rewrite the VBIOS and go ham. Are you telling me, cause I've seen a guy on the dog forums do this, that I could have a 980 in my G75VW by swapping the core and nodding the card to fit and writing the VBIOS to make it work. Or would that fail due to the Asus version of the 880m only having 4GB of VRAM?
  6. I love fixes like this. Might be something for me to consider if something bad happens. Question though on this is how do you "reball" like this solder balls are really small. I'm completely impressed. That's an amazing question
  7. I love this. Absolutely love this. It's an amazing idea. I wish that the mxm dream was realized so people didn't have to do this.
  8. I got my G75VW back from a bud recently as I need a laptop for school (24 year old vet going to university hows that for a laugh) and immediately the mobo died, a ram stick died (wasnt even one of the stock ram sticks it was the only aftermarket one) and the built in mic died. New mobo from china, which had a corrupted bios (no 3d or keyboard backlight) that I flashed thanks to another post that lead me here. Cant wait to put my mods to the heat sinks to the test. As is with current stock settings and the mods I sit far lower than this laptop was bone stock as far as temps go. Now I just have to wait to be able to download some stuff.
  9. this was posted nearly 5 years ago and yet saved my bacon pretty good. 3D wasn't working on a brand new board from china preloaded with 223 and neither was the keyboard backlight. Running winflash in no date mode was the only way to reflash the bios in my case. The only thing I'm dealing with now is that the built in mic doesn't work
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