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  1. Can We get a modded A14 vBIOS please ?
  2. yeah , plz suggest how is this BIOS doing for everyone ? Any more Bricking ?
  3. Okay . Will wait for your fix .. Thanks a lot for all your hard work ... BTW why is the memory clock set to 1400MHz in this mod of yours ?
  4. So how is this vBIOS different from the one posted earlier by svl7 ?
  5. Is this version only for 3D version of the gt650m ? What about non 3D mod with 970/2200 default clocks and removed OC limits ?
  6. modded vBIOS for 650m dell 7720 ? - - - Updated - - - modded vBIOS for 650m dell 7720 ?
  7. @svl7 : can u please try to create a new vBIOS with more limits when u have time ?
  8. yea , the existing vBIOS mod is great . It would be awesome if @svl7 can make a vBIOS with 970/2200 default clocks and getting rid of OC limits ..!
  9. @svl7 Is it possible to make a vBIOS with 970/2200 default clocks . Then we would have more overclocking capabilities ..! Plz reply ....
  10. Can you flash Original BIOS if something goes wrong .? @svl7 could you please make bios with 970/2200 default clocks for us (when you have time) . Thanks a lot for all your hard work ..!
  11. sasha007

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Can i connect my Dell inspiron 17r SE to an external GPU .? Which Ports are needed to get the GPU connected ?
  12. Is Ur Gt650M Stable At 835 Mhz After Flashing The Vbios Mod ?
  13. sasha007

    How to order from dell US for non US citizens

    Ordering via some of your relative who is in US is much more hassle free IMO ..!
  14. What is AES-NI ? Can someone please explain ?
  15. Is it safe to flash the vBIOS mod only that renables the turbo boost ? Has any one tested it ? Is it working fine ?? Please reply ...

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