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  1. So with the suggestion of a friend i got the 675M to work again. All i did was the built in display test (power button and D on start) and everything started working. I was able to flash my bios with an unlocked version from Klem. After that i was still getting the MXM GOP error trying to disable legacy boot, So i used NVflash and flashed a different Vbios for the 675M from the forum and was able to disable fastboot and legacy mode for UEFI after that. So i have 980M working in windows 10, It shows up in device manager with Nvidia Driver version 399.24. But now my issue is the GPU fan is not coming on at all, Even at idle it eventually thermal throttled and turned off until i put a laptop cooler on it. I ran Counterstrike source video test just because it was small and i was getting 299FPS but was getting dangerously hot. Do i need to flash the Vbios on this 980M for the laptop to control the fan? if so where would i get a vbios that will work?
  2. well i put the 675 back in and now i cannot get back into the bios, i just get 8 beeps. I've disconnected the power supply, removed battery, removed cmos battery, let it sit over night, cycled the power button and i still cannot get the bios to reset so i can get into the bios.
  3. Hi all! So im trying to upgrade an R4 with the 120HZ 3d display and Nvidia gtx 675M. I reformatted the SSD to GPT and installed fresh windows 10 with UEFI, after installing the 980M i get 8 beeps. I have tried disabling legacy mode in the bios but i cannot, i hooked up an external monitor to it and got it to load up fine once and then it crashed while i was trying to modify the .inf for the latest 980m drivers. But after that i cannot get it to boot properly with the 980m. Do i absolutely need a unlocked bios for this to work? If i have no integrated graphics card how do i disable legacy mode?
  4. Cool little mod! saves some usb ports on the outside and never worry about losing it!
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