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  1. Using Win 7 Ultimate and the stock A11 BIOS. No matter how many times I reinstall the driver with admin privileges, I can seem to get the media keys working. I've used the Windows 7 64bit drivers and the 8.1 drivers, nuttin do it. 'Fraid I don't have many leads to follow on my own just yet. So here I am.
  2. SWG is certainly one I have fond memories of. Although I'd imagine most of it is covered rose-tinted glasses of my youth, looking at its feature list now doesn't exactly inspire me to return to playing in present time. PSO2 stands as my current favorite I spend my time on, though I only admit so begrudgingly out of there simply being nothing else to really contest it. I've roughed it out on the JP servers since the Alpha and CBT days and can still say its the closest thing to a DMC MMO in Space. But the luster has long since faded and I've plenty of reasons to be disappointed about what could've been versus what actually is. It's still has a character creator nearly unrivaled(no two characters are the same unless delibrate) and has a fairly strong start when you get a handle on the combat mechanics and visit a take down a couple of bosses in Emergency Quests. You'll find yourself jaded if you try to stick it out in the long run, as unlike the original the game is less about finding things and more about "hey you found a thing but: it's not equipable/effective on your class combination, you still have to grind it, you still have to affix it, it's actually a parfait--what do you mean you don't play Summoner?" The original game didn't have anywhere near as many purely class restricted gear. Speaking of, the original PSO Blue Burst is still very near and dear to me even if I only have history with the Blue Burst edition. I can still sign on, hop into a free exploration, and have a good time even with its aged controls plus slower pace (hope you like constantly recentering your camera). It has design decisions that astonish me to this day such as how intertwined the theme of friendship is woven so deeply into the game. From your first steps into the game where you get smacked down by your first pack of Boomas alone to the narrative bad ends that happen to the NPCs in the story often by not having such friends. Just about everything in the game pushes you to work together with people instead of lone wolfing your way through.
  3. Good day, I am the owner of a used m18x r2 struggling to build it back up into a functional machine. The previous user had his system installed in RAID mode which won't suffice for my desired SSD boot speeds. I've ensured that both AHCI and UEFI are active in the A11 BIOS. I have also ensured to clean the main drive via diskpart CMD upon custom installing my copy of Win 7 Ultimate. Oddly enough, when the setup completes, I'll get an error message stating windows can't finish configuring and needs to restart. Heeding this message will only cause it to happen again on the next reboot, so CMD to the rescue and creating and off to making user account I go. Unfortunately, boot speeds are as slow as ever and I've verified that no RAID controllers have been left installed in the device manager. So far, my only potential lead is that I've noticed during each boot, Windows mentions that "Setup Is Updating Registry Settings" after about of minute of Starting Windows. I've been researching this exact string but I can't say I've found a concrete solution to attempt just yet. So here I am, requesting for advice as to what I should check next. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I've tried out a new install accessing the CD through legacy but still keeping the SDD Boot drive on UEFI mode. So far haven't had to mess with CMD anymore to proceed nor has the Setup needed to Update Registry Settings. I also remembered to install the intel rapid storage driver. Alas, I'm still left with 2 minute boot times(particularly on the Starting Windows screen), so the problem still remains. EDIT2: Diagnosing with a Boot Manager, I discovered it takes about a minute before svchost even starts running. So with that, I ruled out it wasn't a software problem. I then decided on the possibility that maybe the other drives could be interfering with booting. Pulling out the other HDDs had no effect, but the actual culprit was the mSATA SSD that was left in from the last user. Now I can enter windows in 3 seconds! Even fishier, this mSATA drive says its 32 GB but Speccy says its a 1GB drive. But that's a problem for another time, at last my 850 EVO is showing off its expecting speeds.
  4. Hiya, I'm learning the hard knock lessons of bidding on used M18x R2. But instead of shelving it and denouncing it dead for good, it's opened many learning opportunities with laptop maintenance and further customizations beyond the device's shelf life. Who knows? Under all this troubleshooting, I might have still a functioning machine yet!
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