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  1. ziobeppe

    [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Thank you for your intervention and for the indications you gave me. Unfortunately I tried what is described in the link but it did not work in my case. I always get a low frame rate. Honestly I do not know what to try.
  2. ziobeppe

    [Tutorial] Dual 330W AC Adapter Mod

    Good evening to everyone. First of all I would like to thank Mr.Fox, who as always is a great help in all the various communities, for the realization of the mod. Then I would like to submit my situation. I proceeded to upgrade my M18x R2, with 2x980m 8gb, following step by step what is described in this forum (bios mod legacy support, vbios mod by prema etc.). Fortunately I did not have driver problems (I use those of nvidia) nor with W10 nor I had the need to use the trick of suspension. Unfortunately, despite having made the mod of the Dual PSU, I continue to have problems with the frame rate (which I think are motivated by the power, since GPU-Shark tells me "power limit reached"). Can anyone tell me if this is really my problem? Or can it be due to something else? Is there a solution? Thank you all.
  3. ziobeppe

    Fresh info for update my m18x

    What can I say, you've been incredibly clear! Thank you. As soon as I have all the components (card, sli cable, heatsink etc.) I will proceed with the update, hoping that I will not make disasters. I have read many guides and I hope to have clear all the steps to be done, including bios, vbios and everything else. I hope I have a little luck, because I would like to keep alive my "old monster" for a while. p.s. wich version of prema vbios it's correct for the m18x r2? i have read somewhere that is the clevo version. Correct?
  4. ziobeppe

    Fresh info for update my m18x

    Thank you for your answer. I try to upgrade this machine, i don’t have alternative because my last 7970m died last week. I do not know if I will be able, because too many software changes (bios, vbios, drivers) that require files to be found. the only thing that worries me is the death of the screen repeatedly read in different forums by mrFox, for combination of 980m+nvidia driver+win10. Thx for your interest and answer.
  5. Hello everybody. I would like to install a 980m (or 2) in my M18X R2. Before proceeding I would like some updated info if possible. The first, the most important. Is it still incompatible, this hardware, with windows 10, despite the mod bios and the Prema Vbios? I must install win7? Is it always necessary to modding the drivers or, as I have read somewhere in the forum, do not need it anymore? If some one have any advice on how to proceed please tell me, thanks. (eg. vbios new version, bios settings, etc.) Sorry for my English. Thanks.
  6. ziobeppe

    M18X R2 GPU Upgrade

    hi, can you say me which version of prema mod are correct for m18x r2? thx.
  7. First thx for your work. it's based on v2.0.0 version?
  8. Hello everyone here at TechInferno. I really enjoyed the work found on these pages. Have a good fun.

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