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  1. I have an M18x R2 and the LED is also green and much larger and as ARGH said its more rectangle with rounded corners. The sticker looks identical though.
  2. So I have an M18x R2 that I recently installed Windows 10 on. It has A13 Bios and dual 680m graphics cards. I am looking to improve the performance of it without replacing the graphics cards. I know there are several possible things that I can do such as the modded bios and flashing the graphics cards. I am curious what steps I can take to accomplish this and in what order. I am pretty sure, from what I have read, that I will have to downgrade the bios, is this possible? If that is possible then do I apply the modded bios and flash the graphics cards? Any guidance is appreciated!
  3. I would think it would be more of a preference as to the size of the laptop. In some cases you have a bit more available when you have a bigger platform to work with. As you said a single GTX1080 cards for larger platforms. Myself, I have an older 18" Alienware which I got because I like the larger screen size and it has SLI graphics cards. Mostly now though I have 2 external 24" monitors connected to it. Your concerns with the noise, thermals and portability are valid. From my experience my laptop can be quite a bit louder due to the additional graphics card specially when they are both screaming. Temperatures obviously affect how fast and often the fans are going. As far as the portability goes, I hauled my laptop to and from work every other day for 2 years. In the end if your goal is to have that GTX1080 and the only place you can get it with a bigger platform then go for it. Just make sure you end up getting what you want in the end when it comes to the screen and keyboard.
  4. I have been reading a lot about the A11 modded drivers and other things that would be needed depending on what OS I use. Right now its running 7 but I may install 10. So as far as hardware is concerned it seems like everything from my 680 can be used with the 980?
  5. So I may be looking to upgrade my M18X R2 which currently has a 680M to either an 880M or 980M. Either way I am looking at what is need as far as the hardware. I have seen that some are sold with just the card itself while others are sold with the brackets, foam pads and screws. If I am upgrading from the 680M do I need to find one that includes the bracket and pads or will I be able to reuse the ones from my 680M? Also is the SLI Cable usable from the 680M's to say the 880 and 980?
  6. Hello all, My name is Jasen. I have recently transitioned from Active Duty Military to a Civilian IT Career as well as being a Reservist. I currently using an Alienware M18X R2 that I have had since 2012. It has served me well and I am looking for ways to improve it's performance to last a little bit longer until I can build a nice Desktop Rig. I have been looking around T|I for awhile and figured I should become a part of this community. Still up in the air of what I want to do to my AW but the first thing I think would be to unlock the GPU's to get a little more performance out of them. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction to help guide my process a bit.
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