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  1. Does anyone know if the turbo button on MSIs does any good? Does it enable anything that would help with performance?
  2. Haha oh yeah almost forgot what this thread was all about, sorry slv7! Anyways, hope you get a good deal. Good luck!
  3. I don't have a 680m, only a 675mx, but heat wise I wouldn't think the cards would be too different. I overclock the 675mx with svl7s vbios and msi afterburner +333 core/+350 on mem boosting it from around 4000 to 6000+ on 3dmark 11. Even with this I only get around 80C. Playing Crysis 3 and FarCry 3 with these clock speeds the gpu will get around 85C. There's a button on the top of all new MSI notebooks that maxes out the fan speed, its annoying but you really need it on, especially while overclocking. I also applied some diamond thermal compound to the GPU and CPU, not sure how much it helps but I'm sure it does a little for the temps. I'm not sure where you're looking, but if you do go with the MSI whitebook this site is by far the cheapest site I've seen the whitebook models, I bought mine there after clicking every link on Google. You can get a 16F4 barebone model (the one after mine) for only $1218 and it has the GT780M graphics. I'd definitely go with it.. tell me if you find a site offering it for cheaper. Oh, and no taxes on that site either. Edit: Actually, it seems things have changed within the last couple months, this site might be a little cheaper. Still please tell me if you find one cheaper then that. Edit: OK, so it seems like you might just want to go to xotic pc and get their barebone model. Before, after calculating everything for my system, (barebone, all the parts with it and shipping) it came out to be $100 less then the one xoticpc had up, but now it seems like the new haswell processor is pretty expensive and along with everything else you might just want to check them out instead. You still might save a little building yourself but I'm just not sure.
  4. Honestly Clevo/Sager are great machines aside from the speakers. I currently own a barebone MSI that I got for around $800 with a 675MX and I just bough all the rest of the parts on Ebay at fairly cheep prices. The keyboard is actually great and I love it to death, no missed strokes or anything. Speakers are also great, screen too... there's really not much to complain about besides the looks which aren't as low profile as I'd like. Alienware would really be my last choice, I went that route last year and discovered it's all about looks for them. They are extremely overpriced as well so you really don't get what you pay for. I'd suggest to get a clevo/sager or MSI notebook for the amazing performance you get at a really low cost. Overall I would suggest an MSI barebones notebook though as it's the cheapest and has great better speakers then clevo/sager .. not sure what "usability" issues you have with them, have you even tried one?
  5. Razer DeathAdder, play with 3500 dpi an have a regular rubber fabric surfaced mouse pad, here it is if anyones interested lol. Got it as a joke but I've lost all my other mouse pads so whatever haha.
  6. Haha, not sure really. I was just wondering if it would be possible. I don't think flashing the 580m to a 675m did much for performance either I just thought it was interesting you could do things like that
  7. Just like you could flash a 580m to a 675m, do you think eventually a 675mx could be flashed to a 770m? They appear to be really similar 960 cores on both The 675mx actually seems to be a bit better then the 770m, with a memeory bus width of 256. The 770m has a bus width of 192
  8. Well I guess it's OK then? A while back when I did it I flashed the 4GB version and it made the card unrecognizable to my computer, it was just completely blank. I flashed the 2GB version after that and it went through. I could OC up to +333 and +350 on mem and it gave me around a 50% FPS boost. So it does work. The only thing is, I think some games overpowered it because GPU usage would be all over the place like the voltage couldn't meet the demands or something I guess.
  9. Alright, I have been using it, hope that it didn't cause any damage.
  10. So should I keep using the bios you have up right now or wait until you modify it?
  11. How come? It works pretty well, practically jumping it to a stock 680m.. but I think it might be throttling on some games for some reason
  12. Interesting... I do at the moment have the 2GB MSI voltmod BIOS that is on the OP... and you're right it must be power draw, the default BIOS didn't do this... but it only gave me 4000 on 3d mark 11 while the voltmod gets me 7000+. I guess I'll just wait on a reply like you suggest lol
  13. But I have an i7 3610... that has to be enough for the CPU side of any game, right? Metro 2033 never does this, neither does Skyrim
  14. Does anyone want to take this and mod it for the MSI 2GB verson please? I would love to test but I don't have the 4GB card Also, does anyone now why my GPU Usage ALWAYS looks like this while playing Crysis 3 or FarCry 3? No other games do this... they will all max out GPU Usage at 100% while these games make it jumpy, causing frame drops left and right... it kind of makes the games unplayable This is how it looks with all other games:
  15. I first had a couple issues also. I flashed the wrong one (4gb one) and thats why it first wasn't working. But the card still worked sense I didn't turn the computer off yet. Before I even turned it off when I tried to pull the vbios it came out as a 0kb file, and GPU Z showed like it didn't ever recognize the card and had no specs on it after I turned the computer off and back on, and on top of that it would't even work, it wasn't even recognized by windows. This is when I tried flashing the vbios again for the 2gb. I think it working had something to do with wiping the card of the vbios fist so it was blank, the flashing the bios on the blank card. It when through fine as a blank card. I think there is a option for this nvflash.
  16. Please delete, fixed my own problem. Sorry.
  17. EDIT: Got it working! And wow this things amazing! My max temp was 65 on 3Dmark 11 and I got a score of P6264!! That's over 2000 points higher than stock! The stock speed was 667 core and 900 mem, I pushed it easily to 1050 core and 1100 mem. Pushing it like this gives it really close result to the 7970m, as its max score on 3dmark 11 is a little over P7000. It pushes way over stock 7970m though. Thanks svl7!!!
  18. I tried flashing the (2GB) -'OCedition'_rev00 version for the 675mx on a 16F3, unbranded gt60. Here are the details of the card: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit DirectX version: 11.0 GPU processor: GeForce GTX 675MX Driver version: 314.07 Direct3D API version: 11 Direct3D feature level: 11_0 CUDA Cores: 960 Core clock: 666 MHz Memory data rate: 3600 MHz Memory interface: 256-bit Memory bandwidth: 115.20 GB/s Total available graphics memory: 4095 MB Dedicated video memory: 2048 MB GDDR5 System video memory: 0 MB Shared system memory: 2047 MB Video BIOS version: IRQ: 0 Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen3 Device Id: 10DE 11A7 10D91462 Part Number: 2051 0005
  19. OK, well now it sees it. I made it see the card by going to nvidia control panel and adding nvflash to use the dedicated card. Now I have this issue: Checking for matches between display adapter(s) and image(s)... Adapter: GK1xx (10DE,11A7,1462,10D9) H:--:NRM B:01,PCI,D:00,F:00 WARNING: Firmware image Board ID (E11F) does not match adapter Board ID (E120). ERROR: Board ID mismatch Is this made just for the msi gt60? Will it not work in the unbranded 16f3?? EDIT: So this is REALLY weird. My Nvidia control panel AND the specs of my computer say I have 4gb of graphics memory, yet GPU-Z says I have only 2GB. I trusted GPU-Z and tried the one for the 2GB card. I didnt get the error that I got before but a new one: Adapter: GK1xx (10DE,11A7,1462,10D9) H:--:NRM B:01,PCI,D:00,F:00 Current - Version: ID:10DE:11A7:1462:10D9 GK104 Board - 2051b005 (Normal Board) Replace with - Version: ID:10DE:11A7:1462:10D9 GK104 Board - 2051b005 (Normal Board) Update display adapter firmware? Press 'y' to confirm (any other key to abort): y The display may go *BLANK* on and off for up to 10 seconds or more during the up date process depending on your display adapter and output device. Identifying EEPROM... EEPROM ID (C2,2012) : MX MX25L2005 2.7-3.6V 2048Kx1S, page Clearing original firmware image... . Storing updated firmware image... EEPROM programming failed. ERROR: Mismatch in 256 byte page-mode programming What in the heck could be going on here?? I'm even more confused why GPU- says I only have 2GB of gfx memory available while everything else says 4gb, but then its actually right! WTF??
  20. I have a msi 16f3 (gt60 barebones) with a 675mx. When I try to install the mod with nvflash, I get "ERROR: No NVIDIA display adapters found". I can confirm my card is working, its the 4gb 675mx, scores 4300 stock on 3dmark 11. Any help would be appreciated, ive seen some get to 6000 on 3dmark 11 with this mod and id love if I could do the same. Thanks.
  21. I have a msi 16f3 (gt60 barebones) with a 675mx. When I try to install the mod with nvflash, I get "ERROR: No NVIDIA display adapters found". I can confirm my card is working, its the 4gb 675mx, scores 4300 stock on 3dmark 11. Any help would be appreciated, ive seen some get to 6000 on 3dmark 11 with this mod and id love if I could do the same. Thanks.
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