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  1. I had just finished installing a custom Vbios for the 780m. I restarted the computer, ran some benchmark's and shut it off. I came back a few hours later to find out it now doesn't want to turn on. Itll power on, not show anything on the screen and then restart. After it restarts once it does not restart again. Not sure what's going on and worried I may of just ruined a laptop I bought not even a week ago. Smh second clevo laptop I've managed to somehow break.
  2. Oh well, I'm hoping for the best. Maybe further down the line we can find a solution. would love to have a 6/8 core and a 1080. However they did manage to get a picture from the 1070. It still constantly beeped at them and I don't think they were able to install the drivers but it still popped up.
  3. Not very familiar with the m18X R1. Is the 765m even a supported upgrade from alienware?
  4. Straight answer for you would be Clevo. No laptop company goes above and beyond like they do. I first purchased the Clevo D900F ( A 2009 laptop) had an i7 920 and a GTX 280m. That very laptop was still upgradeable to a 6 core xeon (X56X0) or i7 6 core. Also upgraded from the GTX 280m to a GTX 680m and from 6gb ram to 24gb. Goes to show they continue supporting laptops long after they stop selling them. Currently on my new laptop (Clevo P570WM).
  5. Best bet is to get a used Clevo laptop, I recently spent $700 on my Clevo P570WM i7 4930k/32gbram/GTX 780m. Also a previous owner of a Clevo D900F. Probably the best all around company for being upgradeable.
  6. Over on Notebook review there is a thread for most enthusiast grade laptops including the D900F. If he got the Dell 680m 2gb to work im sure they'd be very happy to know. Currently only the Clevo 4gb version of the card works properly. It'd be a cheaper alternative to the 4gb atleast.
  7. So Steve what are your overclocking results now with the 780m unlocked? Going to try the modded vbios on my P570WM, would like to see what the 780m can really do before upgrading.
  8. Old post but if you got this to work definitely post in the D900F owners lounge. So far the only known working 680m is the 4gb Clevo.
  9. I've done some research. They seemed to have gotten the 1070 to boot however the laptop beeps consistently. I know nothing about the 1080 working in this laptop. Would like to see new life brought to it considering it still has the fastest processors available for any laptop. If anyone could shed some light on this. It'd be much appreciated.
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