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  1. Hey, sorry for the late response I didn't get a notification. I think it was about 150 CAD overall, buying it from Taobao via Superbuy. The charge basically included the item, delivery from the Chinese seller to Superbuy center, Superbuy fees and delivery from Superbuy's warehouse to Canada. The border sharks also made me pay for customs, because it was listed as a "computer part" but it's just a PCB with nothing on it.
  2. Ok, so thankfully I was able to obtain my original BIOS dump and modded it with the utility provided in this thread. I flashed the BIOS and the card was more or less accepted. The laptop no longer turns off and I am able to install the drivers for the video card. After I install the drivers, and the Windows indicates that drivers for the video card so-and-so were successfully installed. However: after I reboot the system, the windows fails to load. Windows 10 just goes to a black screen with the loading circle going non-stop. The mouse is active but it's just black screen. I wonder if there's another step I am missing. EDIT: I tested it with NVidia 9500 GS, I wonder if I need to try AMD card (the X1600 XT I have is no good since Windows 10 doesn't support it).
  3. That's not the case. Like I said, the laptop and the PSU both turn off about 5 seconds after powering on. The 450W PSU is more than powerful to power the ancient video cards I used for testing, NVidia and ATI. My only guess is the issue mentioned in early pages of this thread, where Y500 had some sort of difference with Y510p with regards to the SMBus, which caused it to reject any video card and shut off. Albeit the shut off happens in 40 seconds in that case, not 5. There was a bios fix provided for that, but I cannot verify whether it works since my BIOS isn't standard, so I need to find a way to first roll it back to the standard BIOS before flashing it with the svl7 BIOS with the hotfix.
  4. Very first page lists everything you need, no?
  5. So is there any way to get the adapter to work with Y500? I think there was a mention of a specific BIOS version required, and an image provided. Having the svl7 bios I am not sure if I flush anything else on top of it.
  6. edit: I figured I added some crap link, here's the good one.
  7. Ok, so my Chinese friend purchased the adapter from Taobao, it's the same one as offered here. I am however not able to use it for whatever reason. When try to turn on the laptop, everything shuts down about 5 seconds after boot. I used an old but working GeForce, something like 9000-series GeForce or something, a Radeon 1600 XT and a no-name PCI-E to Sata card. Same results. The power supply is also confirmed to be working. What could it be caused by? The Ultrabay card is the one without capacitors, I wonder if they had to do something with it after all.
  8. I noticed some of the cards still available on the market come with capacitors, while others don't. Is there a difference in models? Does it work without the capacitors? Do you need to install them yourself?
  9. That email bounced from email all email servers I use, so I PM'ed you for more direct communication in order to not hijack the thread. I also found a product similar to what's been discussed here on Taobao, but it also blocks me from trying to register. It's almost like Chinese websites prevent Canadians from getting in.
  10. Hello, That's wonderful, which version of the board do you have? I am not a native (or any other sort) Chinese speaker, so installing QQ is a bit of a pain (also it appears to insta-block me from trying to register). Do you have any other method of communication?
  11. Hello everyone, looks like I'm at least 5 years too late for party. Does anyone know where I can either find one to buy, or at least find the original schematics so I can print my own? Thank you.
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