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  1. techie

    Upgrading from a 2500K

    Skylake is better.
  2. techie

    Guide: How to control fan for g-series laptops

    The fan level depends on the model. For the GE60 it should be between 40% and 90% (turbo cooling).
  3. techie

    MSI GX660 upgrade, does it worth it ?

    Well, I would buy a new laptop. IMHO the upgrades of CPU and GPU weren't worth it. If you sell all of them you could buy a used laptop at Ebay. The K4100M is a really nice card but has the double power consumption compared to 5870M (100W vs. 50W): https://www.notebookcheck.net/nvidia-quadro-k4100m.98852.0.html https://www.notebookcheck.net/ATI-Mobility-Radeon-HD-5870.23073.0.html The 920XM has 55W TDP, the 720QM only 45W TDP. 100W + 55W TDP in a 15" Notebook? The K4100M is made for 17". Remember not only the temperature of the CPU and GPU core is important. Also the temperature of surrounding components like VRAM, capacitors and so on is very important and you can't watch with sensors. Maybe one of those components is gone...
  4. techie

    Gaming monitor question

    That depends on the games you're playing. For fast shooters a TN would be better, but in all other cases a good IPS is very fine for games.
  5. techie

    updating i3 processor to i7

    An i7 will take more power than a i3, so the cooling system must be very good. Not all CPUs can be replaced because they are soldered. It must be the same generation of the CPU and of course the same socket. If the same laptop model is also sold with an i7 the chances are good. But keep the points above in mind.
  6. techie

    Prema Mod BIOS GPU OC Edition for MSI GE-Series

    And is it possible to undervolt the GPU or are just OC features unlocked.
  7. I know this thread is quite old, but it seems that the GE60 doesn't support UEFI booting for Windows 7. It hangs at the installation even with SP1. If somebody got the UEFO boot option working in Windows 7 I would be glad to hear.
  8. techie

    Prema Mod BIOS GPU OC Edition for MSI GE-Series

    Is it also possible to undervolt the Geforce card? If I flash this BIOS, can i revert to stock BIOS? Will the Windows 8 key deleted?
  9. techie

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    Hi, I've got a GE60 0NC and would like to undervolt my CPU. Would it be possible with an unlocked BIOS? If I flash the unlocked BIOS, would it be possible to go back to the original MSI BIOS? Will the UEFI-Serial for Windows 8 be saved or would I need a new license? Are there any disadvantages When I would flash it? I made a Backup with the Backup tool. It seems that the tool recognized my OS as a x86 OS and not as as a x64 OS. Anyway I saw something like that.

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