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  1. Hi everyone, i have a p870dm3 with gtx1080sli. I'm looking to learn how to install modded drivers so I don't have to restart when I enable and disable sli.
  2. hd172

    Kids Are Great

    Made me laugh then I remembered how my baby girl punched me in the face earlier today. Then I laughed harder.
  3. hd172

    Flight Sims Anyone?

    Prepared3d it's basically fsx but it's maintained by Lockheed.
  4. hd172

    Help on overclocking

    Thanks for the guide. I'm looking to tweak my 1080 on my laptop will this be relevant?
  5. Is there a video on how to install these modded drivers? Also I can't download some of the files since ima noob. Do I need all of the files here? Thank you.
  6. hd172

    What made you choose Clevo?

    I chose clevo through HID because I was tired of apple and MSI.
  7. hd172

    VR - Devs / Owners !?

    I'm hoping to get a VR system soon. I'll be running it with my p870dm3.

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