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  1. Well I hope that card will last in this condition cos I wont give 500 plus euro for gtx680m (cost of card and taxes). Ill try some cheaper card like 560m, quadro 3000m etc and they are about 200eIf i have lucky to get them work.
  2. I baked today gpu in oven 10min preheat on 150c and 10min on 220C and it did nothing, still same problems....If card was ok and was worth something I ruined that hehe. Last hope was that Ill get custom rom with overvolt but as I see ill newer unlock possibility to download on this forum.
  3. U need to be blessed by admins or how I understand to make high guality posts hehehe. I need gtx580m 0.92v bios God bless Lord Prema !!!
  4. Thats true , with dx12 and Vulkan old i7 got second life but GPUs do hard bottleneck....ill try next week Exp Gdc beast with my i7 2760qm vs desktop xeon with few cards.
  5. Nvflash and custom bios from windows, run cmd run as admin than put run nvflash from cmd than name of bios press 2 times "y" and wait few seconds to flash it.... u can google or watch on youtube detailed step by step instruction. Unfortunately Im in same situation like you hehe (high guality posts I do need)
  6. To me they look almost identical to stock ones .
  7. I tested in games and furmark gpu today and result is that its furmark stable only 460/1333mhz on High performance mod in power options. In games its stable on higher clocks but only in High perfomance if I put 450mhz/1200 and power sawer mod which results in 20C lower temps and 20fps less (lower than full stable furmark on high performance) it crash after 5-10min. I think that gpu needs more volts for stability , with this bios max is 0.87, I wish I can try 0.92v moded bios but duno where to find it, there are lot of discusions about that bios but download button nowhere hehehe.
  8. Yeah , was thinking about it yesterday . Ill try it when my brain stop trottling hehe
  9. I did that , changed pads , card looks perfectly normal, allso yesterday gave it to guy in laptop service to reflow it with heat gun and flux (he reflows few laptop per day allso has reballing machine) he did his job and unfortunately graphic card is doing same picture is perfectly fine , no artifacts just in heavy load it turns itself off with defoult clock ( Im in fear that gpu is 100% fine and actually mobo or power adapter dont give it enough amps.
  10. I google and found few people with same problem this guy has 100% same problem but with p150hm
  11. I can find few alienware cards like gtx460, hd5850 ddr5 etc but dont beleve it will work in clevo. What to look from used cards ?
  12. Just forgot to say that temps on laptop newer go above 78C maxed in games and idle are 39C for gtx580. When crashed first time was perfectly fine 77C gpu 60C cpu. And I can say that didnt have artifacts and bugs like that picture is perfect and clean and when bug happens screen just go off with sound same like you plug out usb stick from usb port.
  13. Hi guys , like you can see Im begginer, student and noob from east Eu that accidentaly bought clevo p170hmx few months ago. Specs are P170hm board i7 2760qm 8gb ddr3 gtx580m 2x 500gb SSD FSP standard 220W PSU (I think its 220w 19v-11.57A) Everything was fine till this weekend I was playing doom4 for 3 hours and Pc just crashed with black screen with sound still runing , than fan went loud with 6 loud beeps . Who crashed said it was TLDR bug. Wrom that point laptop works fine but when I start any game or furmark after few seconds to few minutes it crash with same symptoms. What I did try is , tldr change from 2 to 8 and its same, 10 different drivers with DDU, system reinstall, flashed original vBios on card (i noticed that after first crash memory would stuck to 130-300mhz in games and furmark , after flash it was normal all again but still crash after 1min or less ) Now what I did that gave me result is lowering GPU and memory clocks from 620/1500 to 480/1333 now it looks stable. I couldn find vBios with higher voltages to flash cos Im noob and I did try bios mod with Nbitor but allways ended up with corrupted bios that didnt want to load from cmd with nvflash. I didnt try to flash bios for mobo (p170hm) cos I cant find one and that lead me to registration on this forum. My gustion is whats wrong with my notebook and how to fix it...btw I found nvidia Quadro 3000m but dont know will it work on p170hm, If I cant get p170hm to optimal state Ill go with exp Gdc beast and one hd7970 from my desktop cf system just for fun. Sry for bad English.
  14. I bought GDC Beast 8.4 and this month Ill try to test it on p170hm with external monitor and few cards.
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