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  1. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    Hey Klem Here it is https://www.sendspace.com/file/pz6wut Thank you for response.
  2. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    hey pennies are you still here? are you able to unlock also bios for g750jz?
  3. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    anyway i told myself fck it iam going to flash it even with disaster scenario expected and "pain with BIOS chip programing will probably catch my balls", luckily everything went right direction and now iam happy user with unlocked BIOS thank you, post me your paypal/donation page i will buy you a beer
  4. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    thank you pennies
  5. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    yep that was a stupid qestion, ofc nobody can guarantee anything..., do you have at least some recomended or safe method to flash it back? or do you have some experience with modified BIOS for G750JW? i have extracted my bios with AFUWIN here it is https://www.sendspace.com/file/b8rtpb
  6. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    Hello, sorry for late reply, can you guarantee that i will be able to flash it safely without bricking my laptop? i have seen forum topics where people which tried that ended up with replacing BIOS and programing it with BIOS programers, therefore i gave up.
  7. Cyrax

    Asus G750JW Bios Mod

    hey guys, does actualy anybody have unlocked bios of the ASUS G750JW? i mean flashed working and aplicable bios-file to the same laptop model
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