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  1. Ricky

    Broken Akitio thunder 2

    Just want to post an update: i was able to use my akitio box by using a PCI E Riser with molex+ barrel to the akitio board so i have two power powering the whole thing from 1 PSU. And everything works back to normal. For anyone having this issue you can use my trick
  2. Ricky

    Broken Akitio thunder 2

    Any other way to repair it?
  3. Hey i just fried my Akitio thunder 2 box. My mac cant detect the gpu but detect the box. anybody has experience this and has some workaroung? rma is not posibble because it is too expensive to ship it(200 usd)
  4. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    When i wiggle the connection, sometimes the akitio turns off. I use the normal paper clip trick. So i need to get a new barrel connection to solve the issue right? so i should change my adapter to solve the issue?
  5. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    I used molex to barrel adapter. First i use molex adapter to 2.1 x 5.5 then another barrel adapter to 2.5 x 5.5 so that it can fit. So are you saying my adapter is not good? What could i do to fix it?
  6. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    I think it has something to do with my power delivery for the akitio box, i read online that i can use a pcie riser(with power), and i do not need to power my box because the adapter already gives the power? Is that true?
  7. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    I have tried it, and it worked perfectly fine with no issue, even after giving it a 1 hour stress test it still works well
  8. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    I doubt it is overheating, because i just ran heaven for 3 minutes and it disconnected, and fan is normal, temp is below 55. Before disconnecting, the fan would ramp itself to max and then disconnects.
  9. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    I tried using msi but still after a few minutes the fan speed up and eGPU is disconnected
  10. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    So i have not tried using the afterburner, but sometimes the eGPU would just work smoothly with no issue at all. And sometimes it would turn off by itself in both OSX and Windows
  11. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    Im not using msi. Can i still use that?
  12. Ricky

    eGPU shutdown underload

    UPDATE: the auto shut off only happen when i put a pot of stress to the GPU, if i were to play moderate games, it is stable
  13. Hey, nice build but i want to ask something, the molex to barrel adapter you just made, i noticed you put a total of 2 yellow wire and 3 black wire, why not put 2 black wire? And why use 2 yellow wire? Will it have over volatge? Because 1 yellow is 12v 2 yellow means 24 v? Thanks
  14. With windows 8.1, is it just plug and play? No issue with spinning? And how do you turn it on? Does it need special time to plug in the cable?
  15. Hey guys, i have just build my eGPU set up, -2015 Macbook Pro Retina 13″ -Akitio Thunder 2 -Zotax GTX 1060 Mini -450 PSU I installed everything perfectyly and everything works both in Mac OSX and Windows 10 Bootcamp, after 2 days of using it without major issue(other than succesfully booting up), today something weird happend. While i was playing CSGO(Less than 1 hour), i hear some flickering sound, it was weird but i choose to ignore it, then after a while the CSGO stopped suddenly. I ran it back and it continue without any problem. After playing i intend to check my GPU by testing the Unigen Heaven benchmark, while testing for about 5 minutes, i hear more flickering sound, my GPU fans spins weirdly, sometimes it spin very fast, sometimes normal and vice versa and suddenly it all stopped. My egpu fans shuts off and windows cant detect my external gpu hence benchmark was stopped. i restart my mac and run the benchmark again, after a while the eGPU turns itself off again. I then thought it was some benchmark issue, then i play H1Z1, also around 5 minutes, my eGPU turns off again. The last two days, my eGPU has never turned itself off, and it was very stable, no matter what load i give it, it will run perfectly fine. Anybody can shed some light? Thanks

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