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  1. What do you mean you fiddled with your vBios? What did you use, can you give us some pointers?
  2. I can't really give you more information, just wanted to add that 880gtx is pretty rubbish. I own one and it barely touches 60 fps in many low end games like LoL. I think its pretty gutted by Nvidia drivers although I never get over 57C while in game.
  3. I don't think the picture can reveal to much on what the problem might be. There are so many possibilities of why your laptop won't startup that you most likely need someone that knows what he's doing to make it work again. But, if you didn't damage any pieces and didn't dislodged anything from the motherboard then you might consider this: Look at a guide on how to clean your computer model (mostly on youtube) and try reassemble your laptop by doing the reverse, thus making sure you are reconnecting everything back together. Make sure that the connectors are dust free (you can just gently blow into them to remove dust particles, also make sure you didn't break any of the pins or wires. Did you try to start it with the keyboard off only? Have you tried reassembling everything back together?
  4. Hello @J95, Do you have any drivers for p170sm-a with an 880m 8GB? I know that this model uses Optimus and in yours posts all the clevo drivers have mentioned (non-Optimus). Can I use any of the modded drivers you already did or it simply doesn't work for Clevo(sager) with Optimus?
  5. I want to get this right: Will this "Nvidia GTX 880m - 'OC edition' - rev00.zip" be okay with a Sager P170SM-A laptop with 880m 8GB? Also, is there a newer version, something like "Nvidia GTX 880m - 'OC edition' - rev01.zip" etc or is the one linked here the latest version? Also, it seems that my nvidia card has some problems with programs using DirectX 11, will this have any impact on that problem(I think it's related to Optimus)? Thanks guys!
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