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  1. Tebe_pizda_o_0_CSGOFAST.COM

    Tech|Inferno Conan Exiles Server

    The wipe was a mean thing to do
  2. Tebe_pizda_o_0_CSGOFAST.COM

    $100 off Eurocom NVIDIA GTX 980M Upgrade Kit

    it would be a much nicer idea for me to get 1 980m for the start rather then upgrading to two 880m which caused me a lot of trouble.
  3. Tebe_pizda_o_0_CSGOFAST.COM

    Member Introduction Thread - Post Here!

    pleased to meet you too
  4. Tebe_pizda_o_0_CSGOFAST.COM

    Member Introduction Thread - Post Here!

    Hello all,Found my way to this forums, by googling the problem of throttling on my new gpu . I have a sli 880m and alot of people are saying I need the vbios to unlock its true potential.I have a bit of experience with moderating computers, but more on the hardware side rather than programming. i have swopped my old sli gtx 780m on the 880m and now think that it is more of a pain in the a**Notebook: alienware 18 would prefer some help from you on how to fix the problems

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