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  1. Based on the articles around here, a 980Ti should be safe. The only thing the script does is to 'unlock' the OSX to be able to see your video card. Drivers are pulled from Nvidia therefore nothing illegal. The only thing you need to do is to disable system integrity protection before running the script, for it to work. (google csrutil disable) In terms of performance/acceleration, this is a similar setup as the one you're looking to put together. (well,this one used a 970)
  2. 600 series will have native support under OSX (no script mods needed). For the later cards a bit of tweaking is necessary but you won't always get full acceleration under OSX. 10 Series cards are not supported at all under OSX. Pretty much all will work under Win in Bootcamp.
  3. Good sir, you're a star, thanks for getting back to me Hopefully someone might end up here and this advice will be of good use to them, as unfortunately i gave up and sold the card/box.
  4. Morning Device manager started off with the usual 'Microsoft Basic Display Adapter' message. Waited a bit for windows to find its drivers, and restarted when prompted. No luck initiating it with the default drivers. After boot up, I've downloaded the latest Nvidia driver for the card and did a 'clean install'. All drivers installed with no issues. It's the non touch bar 13''. The only thing I didn't turn off was the power supply for the Akitio (550w PSU with the barrel plug mod). - will give that a go now. As I've said, with the same procedure, I had my previous 13'' 2015 retina working. Also, under OSX, the card gets recognisez but with no luck of finding drivers (no pascal web drivers at the moment). I'm thinking that the TB3 to TB2 may have something to do with this? Side note - Win 10 was installed via the new bootcamp method, where a usb is not needed anymore. Thanks for your time
  5. Top of the evening. Just had a go at this with a 13'' 2016, akitio thunder2/TB3 adapter (from apple), an external PSU/barrel plug mod and a 1060 EVGA 3Gb. Managed to install the drivers in Win 10, but can't get it initialised correctly. I get some activity on the external screen, but in the form of some artefacts and windows freezing. Tried all the variations of plugging it in at certain times etc, as I had the box working on a 13'' 2015 with a Zotac 1060, therefore have the experience. Anyone in this situation? Thanks
  6. Sorry for the late reply. How did you install Win? I've done mine using a win 10 stick and not using bootcamp. Not sure if this makes any difference. I got it working by - restart your laptop, when the chime comes on, press option to select the startup drive, and right after, plug in the box. Wait for a few seconds, then select the windows partition. It gets recognised about 1 in 10 times. If you reboot more than twice and get the infinite loop, it will go into auto repair. Unplug the box, restart, wait for the auto repair to do its thing, then try again. Either this way, or plugging it in right at the first 'wheel spin'. Got it working superbly stable, but with an external PSU and the barrel plug mod. Now I'm trying to get my head around a 2016 13'', the same box, but with a EVGA card..
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/DisplayPort-Adapter-Cable-Macbook-Laptop/dp/B003BERYLA Apologies for the long link
  8. @8solo5 Hi buddy, all video cards would have the same outputs. Best thing to do is to get an adapter. HDMI to Mini display port. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204149
  9. Great stuff indeed and thanks for documenting this! Got my setup running as well, 2015 13'' mbp, with a gtx zotac 1060. Using an external PSU with a barrel plug mod. I had some drama with a previous 750ti + 120W supply, so decided to give it another go.
  10. @goalque Apologies, and you are correct, after some investigation I did find the answers in your previous writings. Didn't even think you would get the chance to actually reply! I can imagine you've heard all this more than 100 times (literally). After some trial and error I can confirm that it will work in Win10, hot plugging needs to be timed after the chime and the first 'wheel spin' on Win. And also, yet another confirmed case of a 750Ti having stability issues on this setup. I guess it's back to the drawing board. *no reply necessary good sir.
  11. Top of the morning sir, and thank you for the script! Any idea why the UI and general performance would be slow? MacBook Pro 13'' early 2015 running a 750ti Akitio box with a 120w power supply. I've run the script, all went smooth, working on Sierra as well as El Capitan but getting very poor FPS when testing. Didn't get it to run in Win 10 yet, as it doesn't get recognised at all Many thanks
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