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  1. To ask a simple question: if I flash the vbios do I need to change a setting to disable throttling, or is it automatically done?
  2. Hey guys, I just want to find out if its just my laptop or if others are having the same similar issues. Setup Windows 10 - 64bit - 24gb ram - SSD Latest nvidia drivers 375.86 for 880m 4gb Problem: Currently on this setting with no other fan applications. when I run a game with particle effects the fps drops to below 10. Temperature goes up but about to 85 C If I get a fan application with fans at 75% fan speed. This problem doesnt occur and temperatures dont even get to 75C. Is there a defect with my 880m or is this just a windows 10/new drivers thing.
  3. I have the Asus G750 880m 4gb. Anyone know if these files will work with it?
  4. Xoticpc.com seems to be a decent gaming laptop site. You can even speak to someone to give you an informed opinion to find out on what you want.
  5. This game brought back really memories. But I don't see myself playing it. They dont seem to have improved the formular and the physics seems dated.
  6. I'm a bit of a scrouge so I don't buy games often. Only really cs and fighting games. However I still have ended up with 35. From free games and free trials.
  7. Heres my problem I currently am experiencing slowdown in games. I currently have the stock 880m vbios As the slowdown occurs the fans kick in due to the heat and then the game runs smooth again. I have repasted the gpu and cpu and did a full fan cleanout. But the issue before is still happening. Would using the modified 880m vbios fix this issue?
  8. New member here. When I tried to signup with a steam account, with all details correct it refused to login with the account. Not sure if its your side or Valves, but I had to then login via regular sign up which seems to be hidden from the main page.
  9. Hello. Found my way to this forums, from the notebookreview website. I have a 880m and alot of people are saying I need the vbios to unlock its true potential. I have pretty much no experience with flashing gpus vbios but I guess I got to try. Notebook: G750jz
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